Hand Pump Sprayers

Hand pump sprayers are an essential part of any homeowner’s toolbox. The sprayers allow you to do your own pest control and lawn care in a calm controlled manner. Mix your product then pump the sprayer to the pressure desired for optimal results. Shop our wide selection of hand pump sprayers and choose the best sprayer for your needs.

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A sprayer that is perfect to use for everyday general cleaning applications at home and around the garden. Can be used for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other concentrate needed for cleaning.
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A professional hand pump 3 gallon foamer and sprayer.
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This 48-ounce multi-purpose sprayer is specially made for wallpaper removal.
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An easy-to-use sprayer that eliminates the need for repeated bending.
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A high-quality sprayer from Chapin
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This 2-gallon sprayer is specially designed for deck stains and sealants applications and comes with 3 fan nozzle tips.
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A sprayer with a drip-less shut off feature, avoiding chemical waste and permanently damaging storage and other industrial area.
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Lawn & Garden TriPoxy Steel Plus Sprayer (#31410) is a excellent sprayer with all the great features that Chapin offers.
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A durable handheld compact sprayer that makes applications and treatments convenient and accurate with its unique straw tip.
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A replacement 1.5m hose for the DR-5 Duster.
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A heavy duty sprayer that holds tough sealers, form oils, and curing compounds.
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Lawn & Garden TriPoxy Steel Plus Sprayer is a excellent sprayer with all the great features that Chapin offers.
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This 2-gallon sprayer features a tri-poxy steel construction and it is ideal for outdoor wood surface application.
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A durable sprayer that is ideal for pesticide applications.
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A lawn and garden sprayer is a excellent sprayer with all the great features that Chapin offers.
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A poly tank sprayer that can be used with acetone dyes without the worry of over spraying targeted areas.
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An easy-to-use, ergonomic sprayer.
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An industrial sprayer that is ideal for general purpose professional use.
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Crack and Crevice replacement for Birchmeier DR-5 Duster.
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A heavy duty sprayer that is highly recommended for concrete applications.
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An extension brass tube wand for Birchmeier hand-pump and backpack sprayers.
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A metal tank and pump sprayer that is used for core drilling and concrete sawing in any industrial setting.
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Sprayer's Choice is a great sprayer that has great value per cost.
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A steel sprayer that has a anti-clog filter and Viton seals makes this easy to use to treat the areas of concern.

About Hand Pump Sprayers

Hand pump sprayers make applying herbicides or insecticides easier and more effectively. Many professional products must be diluted and applied at a specific rate, or amount over time, which is difficult to do without the right tool. The correct application method will bring you success in your control effort; applying too much product can lead to damage to plants or create dangerous runoff, and applying too little will not control your problem and you may end up applying more than necessary. This makes a sprayer a very important and necessary part of your control efforts.

  • Hand pump sprayers are simple to operate, easy to maneuver, and versatile. Which makes them perfect for the home applicator.
  • Usually found in one to five gallon capacities, they require a small amount of product to be filled, which keeps them lightweight, yet still able to do a lot of work.
  • When you purchase a hand pump sprayer, you will get a tank, pump, and nozzle or wand.
  • The nozzle will spray different patterns; different spray patterns work better for different applications. Many models have adjustable nozzles, which allow you to use different patterns depending on your needs.

How To Use Hand Pump Sprayers

These sprayers are fairly easy to use. The most difficult part about using hand pump sprayers is diluting and applying the product correctly according to the label instructions. Caring for your sprayer is also an extremely important aspect of owning a hand pump sprayer, since improper cleaning and storing can cause the components to corrode.

  • Clean your sprayer after each use.
  • If personal protective equipment (gloves, mask, goggles, etc) is necessary for application, it should also be worn when cleaning your sprayer.
  • Rinse your tank with clean water. Flush clean water through the nozzle. Repeat at least one more time.
  • If you will be switching chemicals or products, make sure to clean your sprayer even more thoroughly, using a detergent cleaner. This will help prevent contamination and mixing of chemical residues.

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