Harvanta 50SL Insecticide

Harvanta 50SL Insecticide

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Product Overview

Harvanta 50SL Insecticide is a highly effective insecticide that provides excellent control of a wide variety of insects pests across crops. Contains Cyclaniliprole as its active ingredient which is great in hindering the nerve and muscle function of insects. It is proven to be fast-acting and long-lasting once applied. The Harvanta 50SL Insecticide is an ideal partner for Integrated Pest Management since it is safe for beneficial anthropods plus, it has lesser active ingredient per acre when compared to other insecticides. It offers long residual control and capable of controlling insect pests that are organophosphate, pyrethroid, and carbamate resistant. Kills and eliminates insects by paralyzing insects once applied through ingestion or direct contact. This powerful insecticide may be used on fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, leafy vegetables, and brassica vegetables. Targets insects such as whiteflies, flea beetles, armyworms, caterpillars, moths, thrips, fruit worms, and squash bugs. Considered an essential tool for Insect Resistance Management Programs. Available in a gallon jug.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Cyclaniliprole - 4.55%
Target pests Cucumber beetle, Squash bugs, Caterpillars/moths, Cotton/melon aphid, Whitefly, Thrips, Cutworms/hornworms, Fruitworms, Pepper Weevil, Diamondback moth, Imported cabbageworm, Armyworms, Flea beetles.
For use in Cucurbits, Fruiting Vegetables, Brassica (cole) Vegetables, Leafy (non-brassica) Vegetables.
Application May be used effectively in dilute or concentrate sprays. Thorough, uniform coverage is essential for pest control. Slowly invert container several times to assure uniform mixture of the formulation before adding this product to the spray tank.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on the label.
Formulation Liquid Formula.
Dimensions 4.6 x 7.2 x 11.8 inches.
Special Features Effectively controls many insect pests resistant to organophosphate, pyrethroid, and carbamate insecticides.
Shipping Weight 9.00 lbs
Manufacturer Summit Agro USA LLC
EPA Registration 71512-26-88783



Harvanta 50SL insecticide can be used effectively in dilute or concentrate sprays. Thorough, uniform coverage is essential for pest control. NOTE: Slowly invert container several times to assure uniform mixture of the formulation before adding this product to the spray tank. Dosage rates on this label indicate fluid ounces of HARVANTA 50SL per acre unless otherwise stated. Under conditions favorable for disease development, the highest rate specified and shortest application interval should be used.

Harvanta 50SL may be applied with all types of spray equipment normally used for ground, chemigation through sprinkler irrigation and aerial applications.

The required amount of HARVANTA 50SL should be added slowly into the spray tank during filling. With concentrate sprays, pre-mix the required amount of HARVANTA 50SL in a clean container and add to the spray tank as it is being filled. Keep agitator running when filling spray tank and during spray operations. DO NOT allow spray mixture to stand overnight or for prolonged periods. Prepare only the amount of spray required for immediate use. Spraying equipment should be thoroughly cleaned immediately after the application.

Apply HARVANTA 50SL in sufficient water to obtain adequate coverage of the foliage. Gallonage to be used will vary with crop and amount of plant growth. Spray volume will usually range from 20 to 100 gallons per acre (200 to 1000 liters per hectare) for dilute sprays, and 5 to 10 gallons per acre (50 to 100 liters per hectare) for concentrate ground and aerial sprays. For aerial applications, apply HARVANTA 50SL in a minimum of 5 gallons of water per acre. For application through sprinkler irrigation systems see application and calibration instructions below


HARVANTA 50SL assists in the conservation of many beneficial arthropods such as predatory mites, parasitic wasps, and ladybeetles. The selectivity of Cyclaniliprole allows beneficial insects and other arthropods to continue to manage secondary pests, making it compatible with IPM and resistance management programs. Monitor beneficial and pest insect populations, and make treatment decisions based on locally determined economic thresholds.


  • Leafy Vegetables (non-brassica) (Crop Group 4-16)
    • Beet Armyworm, Cabbage looper, Corn earworm, Diamondback moth, Flea beetles, Fall armyworm, Western yellow-striped armyworm, Leafminers, Western flower thrips, Whiteflies, Stink bug spp., Cotton (melon) aphid
    • 10.9 to 16.4 fl oz
    • Application Instructions: Thorough coverage is essential to achieve the best results. Use 16.4 fl oz/A if Leafminers or thrips are present.
    • Diamondback Moth For resistance management, do not apply HARVANTA 50SL to successive generations of diamondback moth, or more than twice within a single generation. Applications to the following generation of diamondback moth should be with an effective non-Group 28 insecticide (different mode of action in different IRAC group). Do not apply less than 10.9 fl. oz per acre for control of diamondback moth. Make no more than 6 applications of HARVANTA 50SL at the 10.9 fl. oz. rate, and no more than 4 applications at the 16.4 fl. oz. rate within a calendar year at the same location for control of diamondback moth.
    • Flea beetles For best performance, use the high labeled rate of 16.4 fl oz/A
    • Stink bugs** HARVANTA 50SL provides suppression of stink bug NYMPHS ONLY. Use as a part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program and target the most susceptible life stages and application timings. Use in conjunction with other modes of action and effective control products. Performance is enhanced when used with an effective adjuvant. For best results, use the high labeled rate when targeting stink bug nymphs
    • Aphids For best results use with an effective adjuvant. Use the higher labeled rate for best performance.
    • Resistance Management: Do not apply HARVANTA 50SL or other Group 28 insecticide more than 3 times within a single generation of insect pest(s) on a crop.
    • Restrictions: Foliar application of this product is prohibited to a crop from the onset of flowering until flowering is complete unless:
      • the application is being made in the time period between 2 hours prior to sunset until sunrise, OR
      • the application is being made at a time when the temperature at the application site is 50 degrees F or less.

*See label for the complete list of crops and application rates.

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