Herbicides for Edible Gardens

Keep weeds out of your vegetable garden with the right herbicides formulated for use on your edible garden plants. Weed killers will help you take control of your weed problem, eliminating weed pulling and extra work in your gardening chores. It is important to use herbicides labeled for use on edible plants, so you can safely harvest and enjoy vegetables.

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A professional selective pre-emergent herbicide that provides season-long weed control for broad-leaf weeds and grasses in orchards and nurseries.
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This twin pack includes one bottle of Grass Getter (formerly Poast) and one bottle of Herbicide Helper (Oil Concentrate).
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A professional selective pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide that controls herbaceous weeds and annual and perennial grasses.
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A systemic selective herbicide that effectively kills weedy grasses in flower beds, bedding plants, shrubs, trees and more.

Herbicide Weed Killer for Edible Gardens

There are many options available when it comes to choosing the right weed killer for your edible garden plants. Pre-emergent products work by killing weeds before they grow above the ground by targeting weed seeds under the soil. They must be applied at the right time of year to be effective, which is usually in the spring when temperatures reach 55 degrees. Post emergent products can be applied to weeds already up and growing in your yard, and can be used throughout the year.

Make sure to read the label on products carefully to make sure the product can be used on or around your plants, and that the weeds you want to kill are also listed on the label. Apply products carefully, and take note if there is a time period from application to harvest, so you can be sure your produce is safe to eat. 

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