Range Star Herbicide

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Range Star Herbicide

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Product Overview

Range Star Herbicide is a selective post-emergence herbicide powered by 2,4-D and dicamba, which restricts the plant's growth hormones, causing stubborn weeds to die. Effectively controls a wide variety of annual, biennial, and perennial broadleaf weeds. It also controls brush in selected row crops and grass forages. Formulated to use on CRP, pasture/rangeland, hay, sugarcane, sorghum, wheat, and other listed crops on the label. Plants quickly absorb it through their shoots and roots, where it is transported throughout the plant and accumulated in active growth areas. Available in a 2.5-gallon jug.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Dicamba - 12.4% 2,4-D - 35.7%
Target pests Annual, Biennial, and Perennial Broadleaf Weeds.
For use in CRP, Hay, Pasture/Rangeland, Sorghum, Sugarcane, and Wheat.
Application Apply at the labeled rates and growth stages in the annual weeds and the biennial and perennial weeds rate tables.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on the label.
Formulation Liquid.
LA, TX, WA (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)
Dimensions 8.00 x 5.00 x 14.00 inches.
Special Features Interferes with the plant's growth hormones (auxins) resulting in the death of many broadleaf weeds.
Shipping Weight 27.00 lbs
Manufacturer Prime Source (Mfg. Number: 50704AL0022)
EPA Registration 42750-55



Use this product only in accordance with its labeling and with the Worker Protection Standard, 40 CFR part 170. This Standard contains requirements for the protection of agricultural workers on farms, forests, nurseries, and greenhouses, and handlers of agricultural pesticides. It contains requirements for training, decontamination, notification, and emergency assistance. It also contains specific instructions and exceptions pertaining to the statements on the label about personal protective equipment (PPE) and restricted entry interval. The requirements in the box only apply to uses of this product that are covered by the Worker Protection Standard.
Do not enter or allow worker entry into treated areas during the restricted entry interval (REI) of 48 hours.
PPE required for rarely entry to treated areas that are permitted under the Worker Protection Standard and that involves contact with anything that has been treated such as plants, soil, or water is:

  • Coverall over short-sleeved shirt and short pants
  • Chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material
  • Chemical-resistant footwear plus socks, protective eyewear, and
  • Chemical-resistant headgear for overhead exposure.
  • Protective eyewear.

Notify workers of the application by warning them orally and by posting warning signs at entrances to treated areas.


The requirements in this box apply to uses of this product that are NOT within the scope of the Worker Protection Standard for agricultural pesticides (40 CFR Part 170). The WPS applies when this product is used to produce agricultural plants on farms, forests, nurseries, or greenhouses.
Do not enter or allow people (or pets) to enter the treated areas until sprays have dried.


Apply Range Star at the labeled rates and growth stages in the Annual Weeds and the Biennial and Perennial Weeds rate tables unless instructed differently in the Food/Feed Crop Speci?c Information or Non-Food/Feed Use-Speci?c Information sections of this label. Make applications of Range Star to actively growing weeds using aerial, broadcast, band, or spot spray applications. Range Star may be applied using water or sprayable ?uid fertilizer as a carrier. For pre-plant or pre-emergence uses, sprayable ?uid fertilizer may be used as the carrier for all crops listed on this label. Postemergence applications with sprayable ?uid fertilizer may be made on pasture, hayland, or wheat crops only.

The most effective application rate and timing vary based on the target weed species. In mixed weed populations, the correct rate is determined by the weed species requiring the highest rate. Inadequate control may be observed if the application is delayed since weeds may exceed the maximum size stated on this label.

IRRIGATION: In irrigated areas, it may be necessary to irrigate before application of Range Star to ensure active weed growth.
SPRAY COVERAGE: Ensure weeds are thoroughly covered with spray. Dense leaf canopies may shield smaller weeds and prevent adequate coverage.
SENSITIVE CROP PRECAUTIONS: Range Star may cause injury to desirable trees and plants, particularly beans, cotton, ?owers, fruit trees, grapes, ornamentals, peas, potatoes, soybeans, sun?owers, tobacco, tomatoes, and other broadleaf plants when contacting their roots, stems or foliage. These plants are most sensitive to Range Star during their development or growing stage.

Do not treat areas where either possible downward movement into the soil or surface washing may cause contact of Range Star with the roots of desirable plants such as trees and shrubs.

Avoid making applications when spray particles may be carried by air currents to areas where sensitive crops and plants are growing. Leave an adequate buffer zone between the area to be treated and sensitive plants. Agriculturally approved drift-reducing additives may be used.

Do not use aerial equipment to apply Range Star when sensitive crops and plants are growing in the vicinity of the area to be treated.

Registered States: AL, AR, AZ, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NM, NV, OH, OK, OR, SC, SD, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WY

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Great product

    By Paulette on 08/18/2022

    This is very effective on creeping Charlie in addition to dandelions and clover

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Range Star Herbicide 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (1 Reviews / 0 Q&A)

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