Hi-Yield Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-10


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Hi-Yield Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-10 bag (20 lbs)

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Hi-Yield Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-10

To build good turf, make no more than 4 applications during the growing season. Water in well after application. To apply 1 pound of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn, apply 20 pounds of Hi-YIELD Lawn Fertilizer evenly over 3,000 sq. ft. of lawn area.

This is not intended for nor recommended for container grown plants.

Do not apply near water, storm drains or drainage ditches. Do not apply if heavy rain is expected. Apply only to the lawn and garden, and sweep any product that lands on the driveway, sidewalk, or street, back onto your lawn or garden.

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04/10/2015 Sherwin from Fort Worth, Tx

QWill Hi-Yield Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-10 work on St. Augustine grass?

A Hi-Yield Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-10 can be applied to St. Augustine grass. Apply at a rate of 4lbs per 1000 sq. feet

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08/25/2012 Kari from Az

Qare these green pellets?

AThis product looks more like multi-colored granules not green pellets.

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04/11/2017 Sylvia from Rockport

QCan Hi-Yield Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-10 be used on Bermuda grass?


Hi-Yield Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-10†can be applied to established cool and warm season turfgrass including Bermuda.

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03/26/2016 Mike from Delphi, In

QWhat is the percentage of quick release nitrogen to slow release in Hi-Yield Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-10?


According to the product label for the†Hi-Yield Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-10 it contains4.5% Slowly Available Nitrogen from Polymer Coated Sulfur Coated Urea.

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