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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Damned Wild Violets!

    By S. on 05/26/2014

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    Nothing I have tried previously has worked on these things; Trimec, 2-4D, some others I can't spell :) A few days after application I was weary that this wouldn't work either, but after a week there was noticeable change. Looks like this did the trick!

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    wild violets

    By Steve on 07/27/2016

    I have tried about everything to kill wild violets. Even Tru-Green say they are one the hardest weeds to kill because of root system. I sprayed a small portion of them to see if this would work, according to label it you should no spray if expecting rain within 24 hrs. Well it rained before than time, but was down about 20 hrs. I haven't sprayed them again, because every other day it rains. The good news is what I did spray is dead. I know this is only 8 oz. bottle and expensive, but I have used very little. I don't mind spending money for products that work.

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    Tuflon Ester Instructions

    By Dr on 08/01/2016

    It's regrettable that the product label is a bit obscure regarding mixing small batches for spot treatment. Instead of describing how much product to add to "enough water to cover 1,000 sq feet." etc., how about a simple statement, e.g., X oz/tbls per gallon of water? Otherwise, time will tell if this really eradicates wild violets since a fair amount of time must elapse between treatments.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    The instructions can be confusing at first. Please note that each sprayer can have a different output of product and each applicator moves at a different speed which means the manufacturer must keep this in mind when giving directions. With herbicides, water is just a carrier. The actual amount of water is not important. It is only important that you get the specified amount of product over the 1,000 sq ft area to avoid under or over treating. Calibrating your sprayer and application is very important. Please let us know if you have further questions. We are always happy to help!

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    So far, so good to control Wild Violets

    By Owen on 09/28/2017

    My 1/3 acre suburban lot had been invaded by wild violets. Research showed these are hard to kill, with the best current herbicide being Triclopyr. The instructions made clear that 2 to 3 applications, 10 to 14 days apart, would be required to kill the wild violets. The mixing instructions on the bottle are targeted at large-scale applications (e.g., farming) while I needed only about 1 gallon per treatment to spot-spray the wild violets. Online information from DoMyOwnPestControl recommended 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. I also added 2 tablespoons of Hi-Yield Spreader Sticker (a non-ionic surfactant) to improve adhesion of the Triclopyr to the wild violet leaves. I did not see much change after the first application, which may explain some of the negative reviews here. However, a week after the second application many (not all) of the violets were starting to shrivel or had disappeared. I just applied the 3rd application and am hopeful Triclopyr will, in fact, help me control these pesky weeds. I suspect a 4th application may be needed here and there; 1/2 gallon may be sufficient for that. Impact on my grass has been minimal. Most of it showed no change. A few spots showed browning BUT it is possible those patches were not tall fescue, which is the variety Triclopyr does not harm.

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    Waiting to see!!!

    By Frank on 07/05/2016

    I rated this a four star, but have used it once about 6 days ago to kill wild violets in my yard. So far, it has killed other weeds but I do not see any turn on the violets as of yet. Waiting to see as I was told by two garden centers that this is the best to kill the violets. Sure hope so.

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    Best for tough weeds

    By Ken on 10/05/2018

    This product is the only one I have found that will kill wild violets in the lawn. It isn't completely effective, but nothing else does much of anything. It's pretty expensive, but this company had the best price.

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    Killing Creeping Charlie

    By Lynn on 10/19/2018

    Does a good job killing ground ivy that has spread. Needs several applications.

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    good and bad result

    By Robert on 09/27/2019

    This product did a good job killing my creeping charlie weed problem, but also killed my grass

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    Clover killer

    By Roger on 05/22/2020

    i misted the Triclopyr on several times and it seems to be wilting and turning white. I don't know if it will kill roots yet.

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