Horse Wormers (Dewormers)

Deworm your horses with DoMyOwn’s selection of horse wormers. Shop now to select the best product to kill parasites quick, returning your horse to optimal health.

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A safe medicated (0.5 fenbendazole) alfalfa-based pellets for deworming beef and dairy cattle, horses, swine, turkeys, zoo and wildlife animals.
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An excellent dewormer in paste form with a palatable apple flavor that fights parasites on horses including pregnant and lactating manes.
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A broad-spectrum equine paste dewormer that effectively removes and control large strongyles, small strongyles, large roundworms, and more.
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An excellent dewormer for horses which treats and controls a wide a variety of parasites.
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An excellent broad-spectrum parasite control product which can treat horses weighing up to 1,500 pounds.
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An equine dewormer which helps control parasites such as large and small strongyles, pinworms and large roundworms.

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