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Brenda from Stuart, Fl writes

How can I get rid of roaches and rats?

I have roaches in my house, mainly in my kitchen, I have tried store bought stuff but it doesn't work. I know I have critters in my attic as well as my yard as well. I'm looking for the best products to get rid of them, the house probably should be tented, but I don't have that in my budget...I also need something safe..I have three dogs.


Temprid FX is a good all-around product that can be used for roach control and a wide variety of insects. Temprid FX needs to be applied on baseboards, cracks and crevices, it can also be used safely in the attic. You will need to keep pets out of the area being treated until it's all completely dry. For a thorough roach control, we recommend using our Roach Control Kit A, not only will you have an insecticide but a bait gel and an insect growth regulator to interrupt their reproductive cycle, it also includes insect glue boards to monitor your treatment. We recommend reading over our Roach Control Treatment Guide for further tips and information.

For rat control, we would recommend using the Protecta Rat Bait Station and Fastrac Blox kit. You'll need to wear gloves when handling the stations as well as the bait. Fill the stations and place at least one on each side of the home, you will need to use either stakes or a concrete block to secure the stations. We recommend reading over our Rat Control Treatment Guide for further tips and information.

Answer last updated on: 06/25/2018

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