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Mary from West Palm Beach, Fl writes

How do I get rid of a rat in the kitchen?

I saw droppings on my kitchen counter around March 12th. I suspected rats or mice (hoped for mice over rats). A neighboor told me they saw a rat in their apartment (same building) in early March. I put rat glue traps out this week and a humane mouse trap. Nothing happened. I saw the rat this morning just before dawn and saw where it ran into a corner by the dishwasher. I repositioned the glue traps in that corner; but, I am afraid I might not be using the most effective pest control. What should I do? Looks like a full grown Norway rat.


Glueboards are a good choice for indoor use. You could try to put a small piece of food right in the middle of the board to help lure the rat on to the glueboard (dry cat food works very well). It is recommended to put out several boards in in the areas where you have noticed activity which would be helpful for rats who are trying to avoid the board you have already placed out. Another way to go would be baited rat snap traps. We do not recommend using poison baits indoors because of the possibility of having the rodent die in an inaccessible area which could lead to horrible odors and secondary insect infestations.

Answer last updated on: 03/20/2012

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