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Nick writes

How effective is Taurus SC Termiticide on roaches and earwigs?

Looking for a good all around treatment but roaches, earwigs and black widows are by far my biggest issues. Is this a good solution or would something else be more effective?


Taurus SC Termiticide could only be used as an exterior treatment for roaches, earwigs and black widows and cannot be used indoors. It is not a knockdown kill. For 6 month residual, you will mix at 0.8 fl oz per gallon and for quarterly treatments, you will apply at 0.4 fl oz per gallon. Spray 1 ft to 2 ft up and 1 ft out around doors, windows, vents, pipes, foundation cracks, drilled holes or around any exterior openings where listed pests could enter the structure. Make sure to treat the joint where exterior siding (wood, vinyl, aluminium or other similar materials) meets the cement, brick or block foundation.

Indoors, we would suggest using Temprid FX along baseboards, floorboards, around windows, doors, behind appliances, under cabinets, behind toilets, in closets, etc. 

Answer last updated on: 06/25/2019

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