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Jerry writes

How long until I see results from Onslaught?

I sprayed onslaught around the kitchen baseboards last night for ants that were coming from under the foundation. They are small and really slow. I believe they are regular house ants. There are even more ants today. How long will it take for this insecticide to work? It doesn't seem like it helped.


Onslaught is a micro-encapsulated product which means it is a time released formula and can take a little longer to kill insects than other products. Ants can take several hours to a day or so before they die after coming into contact with treated areas. Onslaught will not stop ants from coming into an area but it will kill the ants that do. Onslaught does not transfer back to the colony. We always recommend that you use an ant bait gel or granule in addition to the insecticide spray since ant colonies can be very large and they can keep sending out worker ants. The bait will be carried back to the colony and fed to the other ants and this will help speed up the ant elimination. We also recommend spraying outdoors around the perimeter of your home to eliminate ants before they move indoors.

Answer last updated on: 08/02/2011

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