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How to Inspect for Lawn Grubs

By DoMyOwn staff

Grubs can tear up a lawn very quickly. Finding them is key to stopping them. In this video we will show you the basics of how to inspect your lawn for grubs

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Video Transcript

If you suspect you may have white grubs in your soil, an inspection may be needed.

A few grubs in the soil is normal and your grass should be healthy enough to withstand a few them feeding on the roots. If there is a lot, corrective action should be taken. 

Survey the suspicious areas in your turf. August and September are good times to inspect because the grubs will be active and close to the top of the soil.

Start by using a spade or garden shovel to cut square foot section of turf, about 2-4 inches deep in several different areas.

Pull back the square foot area to expose the soil below.

Closely inspect the turf, thatch, and soil for grubs.

Generally, less than 5 grubs per sample is a normal amount that doesn't warrant control measures. More than 5 grubs per soil sample is enough to require control measures.

Replace squares of sod and pat down. Water in patches to avoid drying.

And it's that easy with the expert help from Do My Own Pest Control dot com!

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