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How to Get Rid of Grubs

By DoMyOwn staff

Grubs can easily and quickly destroy your yard. In this video we highlight the best way to get rid of grubs to make sure your yard, shrubs and plants will not be destroyed by these silent killers!

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Video Transcript

Grubs live in the soil and eat the roots of plants, preventing the plants from absorbing nutrients. It is more common for grubs to attack grasses than flowers or shrubs.

Another sign of a grub problem is the appearance of nuisance pests such raccoons or skunks. If these animals begin tearing your lawn apart, it is often a sign they are eating grubs.

To test your lawn for grubs, dig a square foot hole three inches deep. If you find more than five grubs in this area, treatment is needed.

Grub control pesticide is available in both a liquid spray and solid granual. You should choose the formulation that is easiest for you to apply.

Broadcast the product you choose over the entire area. Make sure the application is uniform for best results. It is recommended that you treat for grubs early in the season. You can prevent damage by using an active ingredient such as imidacloprid. 

If you do not discover the grubs until later in the season when damage is visible, it's recommended that you choose a product that can eliminate these older, hardier grubs.

In areas where grubs have been an existing issue, you may need to use both products; one in the spring and the other in summer. Contact your local cooperative extension office to find out the best time to put down your first application as this will vary by region.

Grubs are the larval stage of a beetle, so eliminating a grub problem is the easiest way to prevent beetle infestations in the future. 

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