How To Keep Wasps Away

Wasp Prevention Guide

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Follow These Steps To Keep Wasps Away

Preventing wasps from invading your property can be a tough job. Wasps can nest on neighboring properties and visit your property for food or water so keeping them off your property completely is not realistic. You can prevent the wasp population from growing with the following steps:
  • Keep wasps from building nests by knockdown newly forming nests as soon as they are spotted. You may want to spray the nest with a pyrethrin wasp spray before knocking it down to kill any wasps that are in the nest to avoid possible stings.
  • Empty standing water from bird baths, rain gutters, animal dishes, and other items that collect rain water.
  • Keep bushes and trees properly pruned.
  • Keep leaves and other yard debris cleaned up.
  • Clean outdoor trash cans frequently and be sure the lids are always kept tightly on the cans.
  • Follow our Preventive Pest Control Treatment Guide to learn how to do preventative sprays to avoid having wasp populations grow out of control.

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