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How to Load the EZ Klean Rodent Bait Station

By DoMyOwn staff

How to Load the EZ Klean Rodent Bait Station

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Video Transcript

To load the EZ Klean Rodent Bait station, first open the station using the key. Also make sure to wear gloves in order to handle the bait.

There are two ways to load the station. The first is to slide the bait down onto the vertical rods. Each rod can hold one block of rodent bait. Vertical rods should be used if temperatures will be very hot because bait might metl. As it melts, it puddles around the rod. As temperatures cool, it will resolidify around the rod.

The second way is to use horizontal rods. You will have to first remove the vertical rods in order for the horizontal rods to fit. Each Rod can hold two bait blocks. The horizontal rods can sit in three different positions inside the bait station. Each position is at a different height. Choose the position that best works for your application.

We recommend horizontal baiting when bait stations will be placed in areas where water might get inside. The horizontal rods will hold the bait up off the floor of the station and help keep it dry.

After the bait has been placed using either the vertical or horizontal rods, simply secure the lid back into place.

And it's that easy with the expert help from Do My Own Pest Control dot com!

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