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Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap Review

By DoMyOwn staff

Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap Review

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Hi, my name is Michael with domyownpestcontrol. Today we're going to do a product demo with the Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap.  The Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap has a lot of great features. Number one very easy to set, that's all it takes. Two, it has a removable bait cup. You can take this out and place peanut butter in it or any other kind of bait.  And in fact, one of the recommended baits is made by the same company as the T-Rex. It's called the provoke rat attractant.  Just put a couple drops inside the bait cup and it does an excellent job of attracting rats.  Once the trap is set and there's bait in the cup, all you have to do is set it and place it against a wall. The rat comes along and steps on the trigger and sets the trap. 
Also the Trapper T-Rex has holes in the bottom of the base. This makes it easy to place it on rafters or on joyce up in an attic. Rats would come down this joyce run down both ways. You want to put the T-Rex back to back, set the traps. Now, no matter which way the rat runs from, it's gonna go right into the T-Rex. It can also be placed on pipes vertically.  The Trapper T-Rex can also be placed in outdoor bait stations.  These are great to protect the trap against children and pets tampering with them. We have a protecta rat station. We also have a protecta sidekick station.  These stations are made to hold the T-Rex. As you can see inside there is one set right now.  Most stations have holes on either side. You put it up against  a wall so when rodents are running down the wall, they'll go right up into the station. Here's the Protecta Sidekick. Again, it has a holding area. Very easy, just set in the T-Rex after you've put bait into it. Set it. Close the tamper resistant station and you're ready to go.
Now to see the T-Rex in action. Once you've baited it, place it against the wall because that's where the rats will run. You can easily set it with your foot. Here comes Mr. Rat, smells the bait. T-Rex rat trap.