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How to Stop Groundsel Weeds from Taking Over

Groundsel Weed Prevention

By DoMyOwn staff

Groundsel Preventers & Lawn Maintenance

A groundsel weed stalk with small flowers and a seed puff.
Groundsel weeds can be found in many states across the country, and despite the bright color their yellow flowers add, these weeds spread rapidly and can be harmful to livestock if ingested. Consider our recommendations for ways to prevent groundsel weeds from finding a home in your lawn or landscaped area.
Step 1

Apply a Groundsel Preventer

Using a Pre-Emergent Herbicide to Stop Groundsel Growth

Groundsel preventer products or pre-emergent groundsel killers can be an important part of your weed-control strategy if applied correctly at the right time of year. These herbicidal products help stop groundsel takeovers by breaking the weed's life cycle and preventing the next round of seeds from germinating.

  • The pre-emergent groundsel preventer that you select must be applied before groundsel seeds begin to germinate if the new generation is to be stopped from sprouting. The time when groundsel weeds germinate may vary according to the region in which you live, but your local Extension Service office can provide guidance.
  • Groundsel weeds can produce thousands of seeds over a season, and these seeds spread very easily to nearby areas. Early application of a groundsel preventer is key to stopping this spread.
  • Always read the label completely for any groundsel preventer product you may use. Some herbicides are labeled to use with certain turf types or certain types of developed areas and should not be used in an unspecified manner. Always take note of the label instructions and usage recommendations, especially when treating areas where grazing may occur or where edible plants are growing.

Products needed for Step 1

Step 2

Proper Lawn Maintenance to Avoid Excess Moisture

photo of lawn aeration in progress

Groundsel weeds can grow in different types of soil, but the plant prefers moist, rich soil. We have some suggested lawn maintenance practices that can be helpful in keeping your turf as healthy as possible, allowing it to better defend itself against unwanted weeds like groundsel.

  • Irrigate your turf and landscaped areas as needed, but not to excess. By watering your turf less often but for longer time intervals you can more efficiently deliver the water your grass needs to its roots for stronger growth.
  • Keep an eye out for drainage issues that may result in standing water or damp spots in your turf. Make adjustments to how water drains to prevent these occurrences.
  • Aerate your lawn on a schedule to further improve drainage from the area and to promote healthy turf growth throughout.

If you have any questions about the methods recommended in this guide or the products needed to prevent and kill groundsel weeds, give our lawn care experts a call at 866-581-7378 or email

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