Indianmeal Moth Kit


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Indianmeal Moth Kit kit (10 traps & 10 lures)

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Indianmeal Moth Kit

Indianmeal Moth Kit will capture moths in your pantry and kitchen. Place where moths are found. NoSurvivor hanging traps can be placed in areas where pet food or bird seed is stored. Traps should be replaced after 2 months or when traps are full and can be used year round.

Product Documents

Trap Designs used with Lure NoSurvivor hanging traps are diamond shaped sticky traps that can be hung from many locations. This design is the preferred trap for this moth that flies well. Trap Placement Techniques Timing - Traps can be placed year round but should be in greater numbers during the summer.

Density - One to two traps per room that contains materials susceptible to attack.

Location - Place hanging traps at about 5 feet above ground. Place in food storage areas, garages, warehouses, retail stores etc. Place traps 15- 25 feet apart depending on amount of food that needs to be monitored. Trap and Lure Maintenance Traps must be replaced when filled with moths or become dusty. Traps may remain sticky for many months. Lures must be replaced every 8 weeks. The old lure can be left in the trap as it will have some remaining attractiveness.

Expectations and Interpretations: 1 moth per trap per day -- Inspection of materials susceptible to attack should be carried out.

3-5 moths/ trap per day -- Serious damage is likely on a single item or location in the area of the trap.

10 + moths/trap per day -- Serious wide spread damage has occurred in the room or storage area.

Important Notes: Large numbers of moths require other means of control and management to eradicate infestations. Traps may catch sufficient number of males to prevent females from becoming fertile. Female moths however, may actively fly around and not be attracted to the traps.

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