Insect & Bug Control

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Pyranha 1-10HPS Concentrate for 30 Gallon Spray System
5 out of 5 stars (2)
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Effectively kills and repels a wide range of biting insects, ideal for commercial and industrial applications. For 30 gallon misting spray systems.

Gentrol Complete Aerosol
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An insecticide with a combination of Adulticide and IGR for extreme elimination potency and efficiency.

Spectre 2 SC
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Non-repellent and odorless insecticide to kill ants, cockroaches, and bed bugs through transfer effect. Available in 15 oz bottle.

Custom Glueboard for D - Sect Station - single
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Used for professional monitoring of large number of insect pests for D Sect Stations

D - Sect White IPM Station - Single
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A discreet and tamper resistant bait station for baiting, monitoring, trapping and eliminating any crawling insect and some flying insects.

Repel Insect Repellent Sportsmen Max Formula Aerosol
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An effective insect repellent that contains the highest level of DEET for maximum protection against Mosquitoes, Ticks, Biting Flies, Gnats, No-see-ums, Chiggers & Fleas. 40% DEET.

Gotcha Pro Spray-N-Dust System
4.5 out of 5 stars (2)
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Gotcha Pro Spray-N-Dust System will help you reach and maintain those hard to reach places

Gotcha Pro 12ft Spray-N-Dust System
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Gotcha Pro 12ft Spray-N-Dust A system is the perfect solution for those hard to reach places

IBS- Insect Bait Station
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Low profile made to fit in tight spaces, Made with 100% recycled heavy-duty plastic with 5 year UV additive, Locking lid protects the bait from weather and other elements, Use granular, gel, & liquid bait

SolaMist Pro Concentrate
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SolaMist Pro Concentrate is the complimentary product to the SolaMist Insect Control System.

Swamp Gator Natural Insect Repellent
Multiple sizes available
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An all-natural spray which helps repel gnats, mosquitoes, and no-see-ums.

Zenprox Xtend Aerosol
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A broad spectrum insecticide which kills by contact and for both outdoor and indoor use.

Stake For IBS - Insect Bait Station
Multiple sizes available
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Used for the IBS - Insect Bait Station

BUG X 30 Deet Insect Repellent
Multiple sizes available
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Insect repellent that remains effective for 7+ hours after application - Spray on the clothes, not the skin.

Fendona CS Controlled Release Insecticide
4 out of 5 stars (1)
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A professional controlled release insecticide which is encapsulation for faster knockdown and longer residual control of insects.

OFF! Deep Woods Insect Repellent V
Multiple sizes available
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Long lasting and effective protection against West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease

Demand CS + Archer Multi-pack (2 quarts and 5 pints)
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Multi-pack containing 2 quarts of Demand CS and 5 pints of Archer

OHP Decathlon 20 WP
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A professional wettable powder insecticide for commercial indoor & outdoor ornamental plants, shrubs & trees in greenhouses and nurseries.

Pyranha Wipe N Spray
5 out of 5 stars (1)
Multiple sizes available
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A great insect repellent for horses and stables that contains lanolin as coat conditioner with citronella scent.

Repel Insect Repellent Sportsmen Formula Aerosol
Multiple sizes available
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An insect repellent that is perfect for outdoor activities and for everyday use against chiggers, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, biting flies and more.

Replacement Baiting Insert Tray for D - Sect Station (bag of 24)
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A sturdy, replacement insert tray for D-Sect IPM Station unit.

Pyranha Insecticide Aerosol
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An effective insecticide for horses and their premises that has a triple action feature of killing, repelling and conditioning the animals after application.

Pyranha SprayMaster Misting System - 55 Gallon Unit With Battery Back Up
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A 55-gallon unit that consists of an electronic motor pump. It comes with a back up battery.

JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs, Ticks and Mosquitoes (Item # 209-W)
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A Permethrin spray that treats and controls ticks, bedbugs, mosquitos, and other insects.


Professional Grade Bug Killer & Control Products

Truly effective insect control can be hard to get right, due in part to the fact that there are so many different species of insect that can invade your home or your outdoor living spaces, and getting rid of bugs can be difficult for the first time victim of an infestation. It used to be that you had to call in the services of a professional to get rid of insect problems, now you can buy your own insect bug killer and save significantly.

In the world of do it yourself pest control, insect and bug killer has advanced significantly and is the smarter and more economical choice of home and outdoor insect control for the vast majority of homeowners and business owners. The money you can save by purchasing your own insect control supplies can be staggering versus hiring an exterminator, and these savings only increase with the size of your home or the size of the infestation.

How to Get Rid of Those Pesty Insect Bugs

Virtually all insects become a nuisance in the first place because you are (knowingly or unknowingly) providing them something that they need in order to survive. Most often this is food, but it can be anything from water to a place to shelter themselves, or even a breeding ground. The key to effective insect control is to first eliminate whatever it is that is drawing them to your house or business in the first place.

It can be difficult to ascertain exactly what the lure is, and once you have done that it can be problematic to completely remove it. Thus you need to invest in the right products that will kill the insects that have already made themselves at home in your space.

Tips On Insect Control Methods

•    After getting rid of whatever might be luring them in, you should be sure to use the correct amount of pesticide to get rid of the problem.  A common pitfall that many people run into is not using nearly enough of the pesticide that they have chosen to use. This problem is compounded whenever there is an active nest that is not easily visible; because insects are generally hidden it can be hard to control them with anything short of a large amount of professional strength pesticides.

•    Insect control is rarely ever a matter of using a single product, and you should be prepared with several different approaches, particularly if you have a large or widespread insect problem. Although pesticides are the front line of defense against insects, there are many other products that can reduce the size of and eventually eliminate any infestation. One such product is an insect growth regulator or IGR, which acts to destroy the reproductive capabilities of the insects, making the current generation the last active one. This means that an IGR in combination with a powerful insecticide will get rid of any insects in any location.

•    The path to effective insect control is rather simple, with cleanliness and the proper application of pesticides as the two main parts of that process. However, you should also be aware that many insect infestations can quickly reoccur given the correct conditions, so you should remain diligent and be prepared to re-apply the products you originally used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, should the insects show signs of reappearing.

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