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Greg writes

Is Maxforce fly bait effective for horse flies, the very large flies commonly found on horses?

this is regarded as a bait, can it be made into a liquid solution and sprayed directly on the horse?


Maxforce fly bait is labeled for horse flies but when used around barns or horses it should only be used in fly bait stations and not placed where horses or other livestock can access the bait.  Maxforce fly spot bait is not labeled to mix with water and be applied directly to horses, however we do have some products that are.  While many insecticides are in fact repellent to insects most are not labeled to repel the insects away, they are labeled to kill the insects that come in contact with the application. Sector, Permethrin SFR, Tengard and Riptide are all labeled to be applied to horses and various other farm animals for a wide variety of insects. Please carefully read and follow the label instructions when making the application to the horses.

Answer last updated on: 07/26/2011

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