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Gerald writes

Is Snapshot 2.5 TG Herbicide labeled for prevention of sticker weeds from germinating as well as killing actively growing sticker weeds?


Snapshot 2.5 TG is not labeled to for pre emergent or post emergent control of stickers (lawn burweed) and can only be used in landscape beds, ornamentals, etc.  For Lawn Applciations, Pendulum 2G Herbicide is labeled for pre emergent control of lawn burweed and can be used in both lawns and around listed ornamentals to prevent weeds from germinating. Please review the product label for full list of tolerant ornamentals and turfgrass types.  For actively growing lawn burweed in lawn, Ferti-Lome Weed-Out Broadleaf Weed Control can be used depending on your turfgrass. Review the product label for your turfgrass and application rates.  In landscape beds or around ornamentals, actively growing Lawn Burweed will have to be directly spot treated with a non selective such as Roundup QuickPRO.  There is not a selective post emergent that will kill the lawn burweed without injurying ornamentals, flowers, or shrubs,. 

Answer last updated on: 08/16/2021

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Snapshot 2.5 TG Herbicide - 50 lbs.

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