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    6 station's and 6 keys included in a case.

    By B on 06/25/2016

    The description on the included one key in a case is wrong. dmopc customer service was not aware either. I bought these stations because of their versatility. I find that they are not as described in their YouTube video, specifically the way you load the bait. It now has a hook rather than a washer and a wing nut. The hook is not as good because rats sometimes crawl up in the chimney and that will push the blox(s) off the hook. I am sure the nut was a pain but as another i would rather whine about the nut than have the bait get free off a hook. Otherwise the box had 6 labels, 6 keys, plus the 6 wire hooks and the screws installed in each cap. I also bought a case of the feeder bottles so I can get full use of the stations. The baffles are removable and I did so on an end of three of them because I suspect I have an overweight bull rat and thought I would see how it works. Another bad thing is the bait rod can no longer be filled up with the hook. I was able to get 3, 1oz blocks on the hook. So the big plus to these now in my opinion is using the water bottle not the bait. They are well made.

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    Not good if you have chipmunks

    By Dave on 07/08/2018

    The chipmunks eat the bait and it doesn't kill them. No bait left for the mice. If you have chipmunks, get an station with smaller holes.

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