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Jimmy from Columbia,south Carolina writes

Lake property with ant infestation

I need something strong to hose the yard down with to kill all these ants. Ants in the car, on the porch every where. Help.


Your best bet for controlling the Argentine ants by a lake would  be to use ant baits placed in ant bait stations. Advance 375A Ant Bait Granules and Gourmet Liquid ant bait can be used in the Ant No More Bait Stations. By using two different kinds of bait at once you can be sure you are offering at least one bait that they will readily accept. The Ant No More bait station will help protect the baits from non-target animals, weather and will prevent the bait from entering the lake. Around your home  you could apply Termidor. Please be aware of run off areas. 

Answer last updated on: 06/26/2015

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