Lice Control

Lice are a dreaded infestation but we’re all prone to these blood-sucking hair pests, and many of us have had lice before. Lice are often thought of as a problem for children, but people of all ages can have lice in their hair. Our products are not meant to treat people for lice, but we have the professional grade lice control products you need to treat items and areas in your home.

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An insecticide dust that may be used indoors and outdoors to kill fleas, flies, lice, mites, ticks and other insects on livestock and dogs.

About Lice and Lice Treatments

Lice live on their hosts; the host should be treated first and most thoroughly. Lice live in human hair and lay eggs on individual hairs, where the eggs will remain glued to the hair even after the egg hatches. Lice cannot fly or jump but can travel through hair extremely quickly. Live lice may end up on clothing articles, like scarves and hats, which is one way they are shared and transported from person to person.

Lice do not live long when away from the hair and scalp, only about a day. This is why it is most important to treat the hair and scalp with special products and lice removal tools like a nit comb. However, it is useful to treat bed linens, stuffed animals, furniture, etc., that affected people spend lots of time near, as live lice on these surfaces can re-infest a treated person. We carry items that can treat your surroundings and items, but not items for treating people with lice.

How To Get Rid Of Lice

Lice treatment in your home isn’t as stressful as you might think. Since lice die so quickly away from their host, there is virtually no chance an infestation will grow in your home. However, when people in your home are experiencing an active lice infestation, it’s a smart idea to treat vulnerable areas and items with a mix of cultural and insecticidal control. Here are some tips on using products and techniques:

  • Clean your environment: This will help to eliminate any further infestation. Vacuum all carpets and rugs, launder (or dry on hottest setting) bed linens and clothing worn on days live lice have been seen. Stuffed animals can be washed or dried as well.
  • Furniture, carpets, mattresses, and other items that can’t be laundered or vacuumed can be sprayed with a lice spray like Sterifab or Microcare, which will kill any live lice on contact.
  • Treating pest can also be useful in ridding your home of lice, especially if people infested with lice have come in close contact with the pets. Lice don’t generally feed on pets, but many flea and tick products also control lice, like Petcor.
  • Other products, including dusts and insecticide concentrates, will not only control lice, but other insects as well, helping to prevent and control a wide variety of insect pests all at once. 

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