Little Giant Single Door Live Animal Trap

Little Giant Single Door Live Animal Trap
Little Giant Single Door Live Animal Trap

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Product Overview

Little Giant Single Door Live Animal Trap will provide an effective solution to your animal control problem. It will help capture unwanted animals like rats, chipmunks, red and flying squirrels, weasels, and other mammals of the same size without harming them. It is constructed of heavy-duty galvanized wire mesh with steel support, along with spring-loaded door to let you bait easily because of its simple set-up and quick-release feature. It comes with a convenient handle to allow you to transport and carry it around with ease. The live animal trap is designed to help you catch animals and get rid of them as humanely as possible.

Available sizes:

  • 18 in. (LT1) - Measures 18 in. long by 6.75 in. wide by 6.5 in. high.
  • 24 in. (LT3) - Measures 24.25 in. long by 8.25 in. wide by 10.5 in. high.
  • 25 in. (LT2) - Measures 25 in. long by 7.75 in. wide by 7.5 in. high.
  • 32 in. (LT4) - Measures 32.125 in. long by 10.325 in. wide by 12.75 in. high.
  • 42 in. (LT5) - Measures 42.25 in. long by 16.75 in. wide by 16.75 in. high.

Features and Specs

Target pests LT1 - Squirrels, Rats & Chipmunks
LT2 - Skunks, Rabbits and Squirrels
LT3 - Weasels, Minks and Rabbits
LT4 - Raccoons, Turtles and Foxes
LT5 - Raccoons, Dogs and other Large Animals
Color Silver
Material / Construction Heavy-Duty Galvanized Wire Mesh with Steel Reinforcement
Special Features Spring-Loaded Door is Easy to Bait & Set, Quick to Release
Shipping Weight 3.77 lbs
Manufacturer Miller Manufacturing Company (Mfg. Number: LT1)
UPC 084369011105



  1. Lay the trap on a flat surface.
  2. Pull long end of the movable lever to horizontal position.
  3. Push the door brace down against the door.
  4. Rotate latch if you want to secure the door brace against the door. (Optional)
  5. Once the door brace is depressed and the lever is in horizontal position, pull up the door till it touches the ceiling of the cage. Check if the short end of the lever is under the door, make sure it does.
  6. If you choose to do Step 4, rotate latch to release door brace.
  7. Position long end of the lever on inside of trigger rod and release the door carefully. Trap is now set and ready to use.

* Note: If the trap is too sensitive, file a flat on both the lever and the trigger rod where they meet.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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We offer fast, free shipping to Texas for all products, including the Little Giant Single Door Live Animal Trap.

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