Make Em Move Portable Moby

Make Em Move Portable Moby

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Product Overview

The Make Em Move Portable Moby is for the use of producing a heavier haze that will deter small birds from different locations. This machine can be used inside or outside with the optional cover that is included. It is also easy to move and lightweight. The sleek look makes it great for use around patios, food courts, pools and more. If it is mounted on the ground, keep the Make Em Move Portable Moby 10 feet away from areas that are public. Make sure to keep a 6 foot or more gap from any overhead obstructions or walls to lower the chances of residue issues.

To be used with Rejex-it Fog Force.

Features and Specs

Target pests All Birds
Pet safe Yes
Shipping Weight 52.00 lbs
Manufacturer MEM Manufacturing/Flock Free (Mfg. Number: PM-005)
UPC 858934004034


MEM's patented hazer technology turns liquid Methyl Anthranilate (MA) into an invisible haze. When MA nano-particles are inhaled by birds it irritates the receptors associated with taste and smell. The MA causes enough of an unpleasant reaction to make birds want to leave the area. It only takes a small amount of MA to provoke a reaction in birds. A single machine can clear birds from 1-2 acres. Geese are highly effected by MA and these machines can rid areas of acres from geese with absolutely no harm done to them.

On average, two ounces of MA solution per day are enough to keep birds away from approximately two acres of property, depending on the frequency and duration of disbursement.

Birds breathe up to 30 times faster when they fly.  In order to have success you MUST expose birds to MA when they are in flight entering and leaving the property.  This is why using static deterrents, such as reflectors and gels in conjunction with MA is recommended because these types of deterrents keep birds in flight – forcing them to fly through the haze more often.

When birds fly through and inhale the MA haze, they will experience an immediate disorientating reaction. Since the MA haze is virtually invisible, birds cannot figure out why they had an adverse reaction to flying over the property. Some birds may continue to scout the property to test if the site is still causing an unpleasant reaction. Over time and after several exposures to the MA haze, birds will begin to associate their negative reaction to the property itself and will stop returning to the area.  It is important to keep in mind that every location is different and results will vary.

Great for geese on golf courses, around ponds or in yards. A single portable moby will clear geese from 1-2 acres, depending on where it can be placed. Requires 110 outlet.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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Can the Make Em Move Portable Moby be used on an airport runway?

what is the range of this unit and is it legal to put on a military runway


According to the manufacturer, yes, the Make Em Move Portable Moby can be used on airport runways. They can be used on military runways and will cover an acre. It is recommended that you contact them directly for specific questions regarding the types of birds you want to deter and how many units you will actually need. Their phone number is 208-660-7668.

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