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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Orange oil is great for fire ants

    By Michele on 01/23/2016

    I would have given this product five stars for it's effectiveness! Mixed with some Dawn dish soap and water it efficiently eradicated the ants in my vegetables without damaging the plants or fruits, and without adding any nasty chemicals to the soil. I held back one star because I feel the price is too high for a product made from citrus "scrap." I think, if the price was more reasonable many more folks would use this product for safe fire ant control - an important thing for those of us in Florida!

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    Ant Mound Killer

    By Jack on 02/04/2016

    I try to stay chemical free in my yard because of free range chickens and a shallow well to water cows. Orange oil has helped me do that. In a one gallon pump up sprayer I add 4 oz. of dawn dish detergent and 4 oz. of orange oil to a gallon of water. I make the ants mad/bring them to the surface and spray them with the solution. Some mounds have to be treated twice. It seems to depend on the size of the mound. I have started to enjoy my spraying sessions and feel I am starting to win back my yard. My house is surrounded by cow pastures on all four sides so it will always be a battle.

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    Love the smell....

    By Debbie on 05/04/2016

    Bought this as a cleaner and ALSO to use for pest control. Supposed to help with ant problems. To date, I have used twice as a "drench" and apparently the ants I used it on like other words, didn't work! Will try again....perhaps I didn't use enough!? Will update later... However, it is GREAT for cleaning... I added a tsp to my usual homemade cleaning product (vinegar & water with essential oil-used orange oil instead) and it smells great, too!

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)