Mouse traps are some of the most commonly used mouse control products with both homeowners and professions due to their ease of use. Traps are easily set and placed throughout a property and many can be reused over and over, making them a cost-effective choice. Shop our selection of professional grade mouse traps to control infestations around your home. 

Mice Guide

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Traditional Mouse Snap trap with the Metal Pedal.
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Traprite Cardboard Mouse Station is a way to disguise your mouse traps.
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An effective mouse trap that is designed with a galvanized steel construction and a sturdy solid lid in black.
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Multiple sizes available
An effective mouse trap that is designed and construction with galvanized steel, and a lid with a clear window.
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Traprite Cardboard 2158 MS Tunnel is a tunnel-shaped trap that holds mouse glue boards and up to two mouse snap traps.

Mouse Traps Versus Other Methods

There are many who might not want to use mouse traps for a variety of reasons when they are trying to eliminate a mouse infestation. There are however numerous benefits that can be reaped through the use of a mouse trap. One consideration is whether or not the animal is expected to suffer when caught in a trap. In fact, most products on the market today are in fact humane mouse traps, because if employed properly they instantly kill the rodent with absolutely no suffering due to their action on the spinal cord of the affected animal. This stands in contrast to many rodenticides, which can take several days to work and also represent a potential danger that mouse traps do not if pets or children encounter them after they’ve been applied.

To Stick Or Not To Stick?

There are two different kinds of mouse trap, each with their own peculiar applications. Sticky mouse traps are quite simply pieces of wood or cardboard with glue attached that will trap the mouse and not allow it to forage or feed. These can be fitted to any size application, and therefore are better for use against a large or fast-growing infestation. The more traditional trap is the snap trap, which can only kill one mouse at a time, and is therefore better suited to maintaining control or removing a small infestation from a smaller area. Whichever your need, here you’re sure to find mouse traps that work.

Old-School Or High Tech?

Choosing the right mouse trap isn’t as difficult as it might seem with all the options available these days. Some mouse traps are designed for small infestations, while others can handle upwards of 30 mice at once. Whatever your needs, Do My Own Pest Control has the expert mouse killer equipment with the best mouse traps and products to quickly rid yourself of any mouse problem, big or small.

How To Catch A Mouse

A mouse infestation can be the most unpleasant and frustrating pest to get rid of in your home. Mice can contaminate twice as much food as they eat, and can carry diseases and bacteria that can harm humans, so it is important to get these critters out of your home and keep them out. 

Exclusion and sanitation: Keeping things clean and using rodent exclusions products are key components in keeping mice out of your home and must be used in conjunction with trapping and baiting. Mice can squeeze through cracks and holes ¼ inch wide. Make sure your home is sealed in all aspects. Keeping food in well-sealed containers, even things like flour and sugar. Mice hair, feces, and urine can contaminate any food left in the open, so it is important to put food away and clean up any spills.

Trapping and baiting are two components of mouse catching. After you’ve sealed and sanitized your home, getting the existing pests out is the next step. There are multi-catch traps available that can hold up to a dozen mice. These traps are nice because you do not have to handle the mice directly. However, classic snap traps are the most effective at exterminating large and small mice populations. Mice are very curious and are likely to explore your home searching for food. Modern snap traps have larger triggers so the chances of a catch are greater. Using professional mouse baits with these traps offers the best results.

Placing the traps perpendicular along walls with the trigger end against the walls is the best way to set the traps up. You can also place traps parallel along a wall with the trigger ends back-to-back. Traps should be placed in ten-foot intervals. Baiting traps is crucial. Some good bait items include crunchy peanut butter (change often, peanut butter can become rancid), whole nuts, pieces of bacon or hot dog, fruit pieces, and dried rolled oats. You can also use poison baits which can be good for large-scale infestations but the poison used can be dangerous to children and non-target animals. If you place poison baits in or around your home, always label them.

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