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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Weed killer

    By Mikec on 01/11/2019

    Product worked as advertised,but be careful not to over spray on to the grass ,I used it on my St Augustine grass,and it still haven't recovered,try and spray the weeds only if possible.

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    Bought to kill dollar weed

    By Kelly on 04/22/2019

    Live in a community 30 miles north of Houston Texas. My St. Augustine yard was being taken over by dollar weed. According to the product label it will kill dollar weed. When applying I used the measuring cup provided to the 0.2 level of granules dissolved in a 4 gallon sprayer as suggested by the representative I spoke to. It has been about a month since the application and it has had a definite impact on the dollar weed. It has turned a bright yellowish-green and doesn’t seem to be spreading. I assume that means it’s dying, but I’m not sure and it is taking a long time. I applied a second application a couple of days ago. Hopefully that will finish it off. As for the other weeds in my yard, the first application quickly killed the clover and other weeds I didn’t even notice were growing until I saw the brown, dead remains. The package says it will kill Bahia, but so far it hasn’t had much of an impact on it. It didn’t have any negative impact on my St. Augustine grass either.

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    MSM is excellent

    By Weed on 05/05/2019

    Works really well on dollarweed and clover. I will do a second application for dollarweed at 5 weeks because it is difficult to control. Only takes a very small amount. I think i used .05 of an ounce per 2 gallons. Came with a measuring device. Dont spray near trees.

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    Seems useful

    By Jerry on 08/24/2019

    I think the Bahai grass has yellowed and growth has slowed. Definitely some crabgrass has turned brown. Can’t see any yellowing of Bermuda grass yet so I think the lawn grass will stay healthy. It’s uncertain if the Bahai will actually die. My place is a mess. I have dollar weed, nutgrass, grass burrs, crabgrass, some very broad bladed grass , some other sedge looking grass aside from nutgrass. I have sodded some zoysia and have some useful centipede grass by lake’s edge. I think the product will help with some of the weed grasses. Not yet proven so I can’t say a five.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars


    By Kevin on 07/03/2020

    Works great on buttonweed, and easy to mix and spread in the yard

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    soooo much and does a great job!!

    By Brian on 04/29/2022

    I have Dollarweed like its going out of style!! I did some research and this product seem to handle what I needed to erradicate those weeds as well as others.,. I'm new at the whole killing weeds thing so after doing some research this did the trick I got the 8oz thinking it would last 3 or 4 applications... NOPE!! There is enough in this bottle to last a lifetime. After doing the math and consulting with my lawn friend, you only use .1 of an ounce per 4 gallons of water. The added measuring funnel that comes woth it makes it easy. After following the directions and a couple weeks later the dollarweeds are all turning yellow and some of the other weeds too. The St Augustine grass is still doing good. So very impressed. I would of given it 5 stars but the directions are vague when it comes to mixing it with gallons of water instead of Acres of land.

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)