Non-repellent Aerosols

Non-repellent aerosols are the perfect insecticide to keep on hand for a variety of do it yourself pest control needs. These insecticides are ready to use, no mixing or special equipment, and are ideal for using indoors. Non-repellent aerosol products allow you to treat surfaces without immediately killing insects, letting ants and other crawling insects pass through unaware, where they will then pass on the insecticide they’ve contacted with other ants in the colony. Other non-repellent aerosol products kill on contact and leave no trace behind, which makes them great for spot treatments indoors. We can help you learn how to use non-repellent aerosol insecticides and make sure you choose the right pest control products.

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A professional aerosol insecticide with a residual kill in crack and crevice areas for commercial and residential indoor usage.
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A professional indoor contact kill and IGR for fleas, ticks, flea eggs & larvae for 7 months, and neutralizes pet odors.
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A professional contact kill insecticide aerosol with the active ingredient of Dinotefuran, the same as Alpine Dust that controls many crawling and flying insects.

There are two types of non-repellent aerosols that we sell, residual and non-residual. Each works a bit differently and works best in certain situations. Here’s more information on each type, so you can choose the best product for your pest problem.

Residual Non-Repellent Aerosols

This type of non-repellent aerosol, like Phantom Aerosol, is slow acting and remains active for a longer period of time. This product allows the target pest, like ants or cockroaches, to travel through the treated area and pick up the insecticide on the treated surfaces. The insecticide does not immediately affect the target pest; the insect will then transfer the insecticide to other members in their nest or colony. Since the insects do not die immediately, the pheromone trails are not interrupted and the target pests will continue to pass through the treated areas and continue to pass on the active insecticide.

This non-repellent aerosol is best used to treat ants indoors, and other social crawling insects. You can use this product while also using bait products, as it will not interfere with the effectiveness of either product and boost your eradication efforts of the entire colony.

Non-Residual Non-Repellent Aerosols

Non-residual, non-repellent aerosols, like Alpine PT Insecticide, kill insects on contact. They can control a wide variety of pests, but since they are not residual, their active ingredients do not continue to work after you have applied them. In order to work properly, they must come in contact with the target pests at time of application. However, this type of product can be very useful for spot treatments, especially when you are treating for other insect pests and using a baiting system, as in proper ant control.

If you use a repellent product, like many common aerosol sprays at your local stores, can actually make your control efforts worse in some cases. For example, when some ant species detect a repellent product, it causes their colony to “bud,” or break off and move somewhere else in the structure, which makes the infestation more widespread and more difficult to control. Using a product like Alpine allows you to treat other insects (or ants on undesirable locations) without interfering with any ant control or other insect control.

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