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Kleer, previously known as NutrErazer is a pond algae control product that will reduce the level of unwanted nutrients and muck to increase the health of ponds. Kleer uses naturally occurring microbes and absolutely no chemicals to consume excess nutrients in ponds, cleaning the water column in the process. It is all natural and safe for humans and fish. All you have to do to apply Kleer is toss the biodegradable bag into the water and you are finished. The naturally occuring microbes will take control and consume all of the nutrients that the algae does, resulting in the starvation of the algae. The water clarity will improve as well as the oxygen production from native plants. Kleer will aid in the control of odor and the bacteria and enzymes that it produces will biodegrade sludge. For Kleer to be the most effective, it is best to use it on its own rather than in conjunction with herbicides. Just one package of Kleer will treat up to half an acre of water for up to 6 months.  

NutrErazer will do the following. 

Introduce bacteria that will consume these nutrients.

It will stimulate the growth of bacteria that is already in the pond to break down organic matter.

Remove excess nutrients from the water column.

Provide another food source for fish and other aquatic animals.

This is a non-chemical approach which basically involves living organisms (microbes) feeding off of the excess nutrients that would otherwise be available for plant growth. Kleer's microbes are concentrated blend of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes that rapidly biodegrade sludge, improve water quality, decrease suspended particulate matter and solids, and control odor if used correctly in the proper blend for the pond.

What is critical to the success of using this approach are a few basic guidelines:

  1. Bacteria are living organisms and, if you use them in conjunction with herbicides there is a good chance they will prove to be marginally successful at best.
  2. Dissolved oxygen levels must be at least 2 ppm for effective aerobic activity.
  3. As the temperature drops, so does the effectiveness.
  4. pH range of most products is 5.5 to 8.5.

Kleer and its packing are safe and nontoxic to humans and animals (including fish and other aquatic species).

Kleer comes in the box with:

  • 1 packet of microbes
  • 1 pack of dye (for additional charge)

No mixing required, just toss the packet in the water.

Just 1 pack treats 1/2 acre for up to 6 months.

It is important to note that in some cases, using Kleer could encourage the growth of filamentous algae. As the water clears up, more light will reach those filamentous at the bottom. (In this case, aquatic weeds and filamentous algae more or less play similar roles in the ecosystem) Knowing this, if the water quality has not deteriorated too much, then using Kleer early in the season will likely prevent the growth of filamentous algae all together.

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05/13/2014 Mark from Webster, New York

QDoes the NutrErazer packet sink or float?

AWhen the NutrErazer is dispersed into the water, it will float but will eventually dissolve into the water.

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