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    NyGuard EZ1

    By Ruthie on 09/30/2016

    I sprayed down my entire place after realizing that my dog was itching not dfrom dry skin; but from fleas. I found out that we had a flea infestation (that had started before we left the house for 10 days). I vacuumed throughout and followed the instructions. After a week or so, I found that there were still live fleas coming from one wool carpet that my dog sleeps on. I would walk around with tall white socks on and sure enough, the little b*ggers would catch a ride. There should not have been new emerging fleas and yet I kept on finding them. Don't get me wrong; I also found lots and lots of dead fleas and the quantity was greatly reduced. It has not, however, killed all emerging fleas as it suggests it can. I will respray, to be sure. I have spent the summer in between a cottage in Canada and my house in New England and both managed to get infected before I was aware, so it has been a nasty summer! I sprayed down the truck and it is 100% okay now. I have used both the Precor 2000 as well as Nyguard products in both locations.

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    nyguard ez1

    By W,a,talley on 07/25/2014

    i used the nyguard ez1 with talstar p to try and control fleas in our back yard.applied 1 oz of nyguard ez1 and 2 oz of talstar p to a 2 gal sprayer this was july 11,2014 today this writing is july 25,2014 . our toy poodle is still getting fleas our yard is 8100 sq ft. was hoping would see results in 2 weeks which is today. i have observed that before spraying the fleas were larger ,now they are quite smaller . so possible the large ones were killed and the current one are just now showing up. i was hoping that some other folks would let me know if this is normal . will mention that mowed the yard about 2 hours before spraying and yard was dry no rain . thanks for any thoughts will

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    NyGuard Working

    By Elaine on 08/28/2020

    Seems to have worked. I mixed it in with Temprid and sprayed inside and out for migrating german roaches. I have never had problems with bugs before until this rainy season brought them inside. So far, this mixture has brought relief – only seen a few bugs since but will be spraying more in a month or so to get the laggers. This company helped in my decision to do the spraying on my own. I will seek this company out again for any project I think falls under their purview. Highly recommend.

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