Pantry Pests

Food that has not been properly sealed and put away will draw pests inside. This can be a particular problem in pantries and other areas where food is kept before being prepared. Choose a professional grade broad spectrum insecticide to control the various types of pantry pests that might invade your home.

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An oil-based lure gel containing pheromones which effectively attracts Indian meal moths, Tobacco Moths, Almond moths, Mediterranean Flour moths, Raisin moths, and more.
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Natural and organic products that control insects indoors and out.
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Indianmeal Moth Kit contains 10 traps and 10 pheromone lures for moths that feed on dried foods in the pantry.
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Multiple sizes available
An eco-friendly, light, and gentle spray that targets a variety of insects.


How To Get Rid Of Pantry Pests

Pantry moths are a particular nuisance for many homeowners, and are one of the only kinds of moths that will cause a problem in and around areas with food. Other pests that might enter a pantry or food storage area are more common household problems such as roaches, ants and rodents. Getting rid of any of these pests is actually rather simple, especially if they are concentrated in a small space such as a closet or pantry.


Pantry Pest Traps and Sprays

The choices in pest control for this specific problem run the gamut from sprays and topical applications such as Demand CS, to hanging products such as Nuvan ProStrips that provide time released pesticide protection for several months at a time. Whichever solution works best for your situation, with a little preparation you can easily get rid of any annoying pests that are threatening your food.


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