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Annual Rye Grass Seed
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A cool-season grass seed that is fast-growing and economical turf-grass for winter over-seeding to erosion control and pastures.

Annual Rye Grass Seed
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A cool-season grass seed that is a fast-growing and economical turf-grass for over-seeding lawns and pasture seeding.

Pennington Patriot White Clover
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A cool season perennial legume that is best utilized to enriched grass pasture.

Pennington Mohawk Bermuda Hulled Certified Penkoted Seed
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A warm-season grass seed that produces hay production or grazing with a fine leaf texture and superior cold tolerance.

Pennington Max Q II Texoma Forage Tall Fescue
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Offers higher yields, superior animal performance and greater pasture grazing persistence.

Hulled Bermuda Grass Seed
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A warm-season grass seed for lawns, pastures, erosion control and parks that grows well even in sandy or poor soil conditions.

Pennington Passerel Plus Annual Ryegrass
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A cool-season annual grass that is primarily utilized for utmost quality grazing, hay or silage.

Pennington MaxQ Jesup Forage Tall Fescue
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Establish a great pasture for grazing livestock like horses, cattle and sheep.

Pennington Cheyenne II Bermudagrass Hulled Certified Penkoted
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Highly productive and palatable forage and hay for all classes of grazing livestock.


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