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John from Tampa, Fl writes

Phorid Flies; Use InVite with Cykick?

Hi, I have a Phorid fly issue.


Invite Liquid Lure is not designed to be mixed with insecticide like Cy Kick.  When trying to control Phorid flies or any similar species, you want to make sure you find out exactly where there are breeding and harboring so you will want to follow Step 1 in the article below to help determine if they are mainly coming from that drain or also another location. If they are coming from the drain itself you would use a mixture of a drain gel and a birth control -Gentrol IGR Aerosol- to stop the reproductive cycle. Try to eliminate as many moisture holding areas as possible as anywhere there is moisture/organic build up, they can thrive. The Phorid is a reproduction champion with females capable of laying forty eggs in twelve hours. Their entire live cycle is only about 25 days, so you can see how a population goes from zero to zillions in a very short time. How long it takes for the DF 5000 to get rid of the drain flies depends on how much organic matter has built up in the drain and if the DF 5000 is even getting in the right spot.  Sometimes flies can be breeding much farther down the drain than just in the trap under the sink.  Most of the time though the trap under the sink or tub is the issue and you just need to continue applying the gel.  It can take a few days or up to two weeks sometimes depending on how much matter has built up.  When this process is over you should treat the drains once every 30 days and you will prevent this from happening in the future. Please let us know if you have any other questions. How To Get Rid of Drain/Phorid Flies

Answer last updated on: 07/06/2016

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