DF 5000 Drain Gel

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DF 5000 Drain Gel

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137 Reviews | 23 Q&A

Product Overview

Clean and maintain your drain with DF 5000. DF 5000 Gel drain treatment utilizes an extra-thick advanced blend of special bacteria cultures and free enzymes to coat drains and cut through decomposing organic materials. DF 5000 gel also improves drain flow, leaving behind a fresh scent and preventing costly blockages.

DF 5000 Drain Gel is NOT labeled for control of drain flies or any insect pest. DF 5000 is a drain cleaner. For control of drain flies please see our Drain Fly Kit which comes with complete instructions and is advised for people with new infestations of Drain Flies.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Bacteria cultures and free enzymes
For use in Drains
Application Direct application to drains to clean and maintain. Apply 4 oz to each drain once daily for one week
Pet safe Yes; when used as directed
Shipping Weight 2.27 lbs
Manufacturer J.I. Holcomb Mfg



How DF5000 Drain Gel Works

DF5000 Drain Gel is an innovative blend of bacteria cultures and free enzymes in an active stabilization medium designed to reduce or eliminate drain fly food sources that promote drain fly development. The heavy gel formulation coats drain lines to attack decomposing organic masses and quickly break down gelatinous organic material where drain flies develop. DF5000 is NOT an insecticide, rather it is a drain cleaner designed to keep drain lines free of the organic matter that acts as a food source and egg-laying area for drain flies.

DF5000 Drain Gel Target Pests

Drain fly food sources and breeding areas

PESTS CONTROLLED WITH DF5000 DRAIN GEL: Organic buildup in drains

Target Uses of DF5000 Drain Gel

Use DF5000 Drain Gel to eliminate odors and organic buildup in drains in bathrooms, kitchens, and floors. The decaying organic matter found in the “j” traps in floor drains and sink drains provide both a food source and breeding ground for drain flies, fruit flies, phorid flies, and other fly pests. These fly pests cannot be eliminated unless this breeding ground is directly attacked. Treating clogged drains with hot water, bleach, ammonia, or other ordinary drain cleaners is inefficient. Only the regular use of a highly concentrated, professional strength gel like DF 5000 will adequately cut through drain scum. DF 5000 Drain Gel is NOT labeled for control of drain flies or any insect pest. DF 5000 is a drain cleaner.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Bacteria cultures and free enzymes

DF 5000 Drain Gel Application Instructions

To use DF 5000 Drain Gel Treatment:

1. If drain to be treated is not used regularly, first moisten the drain with 1 to 2 gallon of warm water before treatment

2. Apply product at periods of time during the day when drains are in lowest usage. 3. Apply 4 oz. DF 5000 to each drain around the edges, making sure to coat the sides.

4. Repeat daily for 5-7 days and then every 1-2 weeks for ongoing maintenance.

5. For drains that have a very heavy layer of scum, clean the drain with a brush before beginning treatment for immediate results and then maintain with DF 5000 to prevent further build-up.

NOTE: DF 5000 is not a substitute for general sanitation. The problem area must be cleaned completely, including eliminating standing water as much as possible and properly disposing of food waste into a plastic bag in a trash receptacle with a tight fitting lid. When the area has been sufficiently cleaned, the drains may be treated with DF 5000 Drain Gel. For treatment of floor or through drains, first remove the screens and scrape off any organic matter. Keep out of reach of children.

Always read the product label completely before use.

Each quart (32 oz.) bottle yields 8 drain treatments.

Standard Application rates for DF5000 Drain Gel:

Apply 4 oz. per drain per application

DF5000 Drain Gel is for use in the following areas:

No use site restrictions. Use only in drains and drain lines.


Apply 4 oz. per drain daily for 5 days. Apply 4 oz. per drain monthly thereafter. If drain flies re-appear, apply 4 oz. every other day for 5 days, then 4 oz. monthly or as needed.


DF5000 is not intended for outdoor use.

DF5000 Drain Gel Features

1. DF 5000 Drain Gel bacteria cultures and free enzymes in an active stabilization medium designed to eliminate drain scum.

2. Unique, extra thick gel coats drain lines to attack decaying organic masses.

3. DF 5000 improves drain flow and prevents costly blockages.

4. DF 5000 may be used in any drain that clogs easily or where flies are a problem.

5. DF 5000 will not harm metal, plastic, or glass plumbing.

6. DF 5000 is certified salmonella-free.

7. 2 to 4 year shelf life.

8. DF 5000 eliminates odors.

9. DF 5000 is packaged in a 32 ounce clear bottle with scale for precisely measured treatments.

10. Safe for septic systems.

Extra Tips for Using DF5000 Drain Gel

*Use weekly or monthly for maintenance of drains.

*When applying in a drain with a garbage disposal, turn on the disposal for a few seconds to distribute the gel throughout the drain.

*Do not flush with water after application.

*Glue boards can be used to monitor drain fly activity throughout treatment.

*DF5000 is not a direct insecticide or a substitute for general sanitation.

Compare to: InVade Bio Drain Gel 

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  • 1 of 5 Stars

    Surprise, surprise: eco-friendly stuff won't rid you of drai

    By Steven on 01/03/2012

    Verified Purchase

    We returned from a week's trip to find a shower drain infested w/drain flies for the 1st time. Common-sense remedies (boric acid powder, "Liquid Pipe Snake") didn't work (after several weeks), so I found myself here. Reading the majority of good reviews, I thought I couldn't go wrong. I followed the treatments exactly - but after 5 treatments, the shame of drain flies was back. I had enough left for a couple more days, so I figured that would do it. Nope, they were back in full force - "eco-friendly" cleaning means NOTHING to gnasty gnats! At my final straw, I decided to try an insect spray; trouble was that spraying DOWN into a drain doesn't work, when the can needs to be upright to spray! So, I made a cup out of foil, went outside (to avoid the aerosol smell) & sprayed some "OFF! with DEET" in the cup (2 tbsp or so) & poured it around the perimeter of the drain. Next day - NO FLIES!! I did one more treatment as insurance, but an oz. of DEET was worth 2 lbs. of the DF5000 "cure". The moral? If you want a VERY expensive eco-friendly-drain-fly-house-cleaner, buy DF5000. If you want RID of the DFs, get some cheap "Liquid Plumber Gel" & a can of "OFF!". Clean the drain well, rinse w/hot water, & pour in the "OFF!" to sit overnight. I'm all for eco-friendly, but I'm not coddling drain flies. DR5000 is a TOTAL waste of money, if you REALLY want rid of these horrid pests.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    DF 5000 Really Works!!!!

    By Bunny on 07/09/2010

    After cooking for 56 years for my family I suddenly was invaded by many hundreds of Drain Flies for 3 years; coming out of the drain, hitting me in the face, landing in food I was preparing. They don't look or act like fruit flies. They hardly fly, they appear & disappear right in front of your eyes. So you can't see them to kill them?? They set up camp in every drain, on all 3 floors of my home.  A couple of them even flew into my refrigerator.  As a test, I kept the door shut for two hours, figuring I could get a whole DEAD sample to have identified; Guess what..after 2 hours they flew out alive!!  I always used bleach, boiling water, vinegar, baking soda...That didn't prevent them, or get rid of them.  After researching on the WWW, I discovered the info about DF 5000. I followed directions, IT REALLY works. You must treat every drain that 1st week!! Or they WILL move to an untreated drain. It took one season to get rid of them. I'm now reordering & so grateful there is a solution, and especially that it's a Natural One. Greatgrandmabunny

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  • 1 of 5 Stars

    Didn't help a bit

    By Ken on 05/02/2010

    Verified Purchase

    It almost seemed like we had a small baby boom of flys after we used the product in our one sink kitchen. I threw twenty bucks down the drain at a time when I couldn't afford it :( sad panda

    Expert ResponseExpert response:
    This customer probably did not have drain flies.  This product rarely does not work, if they are coming from the drain.  Other flies can be in a house that are the same size as drain flies.  They could be fruit flies or they could be fungus gnats, which breed from potted plants.  We always recommend performing a test using glue boards over all of the drains in the room before treating.  If you get flies caught on the glue board you leave over the drain at night, then you KNOW it is drain flies and you know what drain to treat.  If you still have flies in the house but you are not catching any on the glue boards, then it is fruit flies or fungus gnats.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    This works.

    By Db on 06/29/2010

    We've had a residential drain fly problem off and on for a year. We tried numerous things only to have the drain flies return days later. So we were skeptical about DF 5000. But we bought DF 5000 and started to use exactly as directed. (The 4oz dose seems like a lot when you're pouring... but we made sure to use the full amount.) Within a day, there were no flies. It's been three weeks...no flies. We plan to keep up with the recommended maintenance. Order showed up quickly and in good shape. All in all, a better-than-expected experience.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Great stuff - it works

    By John on 07/27/2010

    This product has worked as advertised. My drain flies have all disappeared.

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Questions & Answers

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How long do phorid flies live?

I purchased the DF 5000 to clear my drains and get rid of phorid flies. After using for a 5-7 days as directed, when can I expect to see the flies completely gone? In other words, how long do these annoying pests live?

The Phorid is a reproduction champion with females capable of laying forty eggs in twelve hours. Their entire live cycle is only about 25 days, so you can see how a population goes from zero to zillions in a very short time. How long it takes for the DF 5000 to get rid of the drain flies depends on how much organic matter has built up in the drain and if the DF 5000 is even getting in the right spot.  Sometimes flies can be breeding much farther down the drain than just in the trap under the sink.  Most of the time though the trap under the sink or tub is the issue and you just need to continue applying the gel.  It can take a few days or up to two weeks sometimes depending on how much matter has built up.  When this process is over you should treat the drains once every 30 days and you will prevent this from happening in the future. 

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How do drain flies get past the P trap? How much DF5000 does it take to get past the P trap and into the line?
The drain flies are not coming up from the P-trap. They are traveling inside from outdoors and reproducing in the organic matter that builds up on the walls inside the drain. You should use 4oz of DF5000 drain fly gel in each drain in the infested room every night for a week. We also have a drain fly kit that comes with DF5000, glue boards to monitor the infestation and an aerosol to knock down the flying adult drain flies.

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Is DF 5000 safe for septic tanks?
Yes, DF 5000 is safe for septic tanks and will have no ill effects on your system.

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DF 5000 vs. Invade Biodrain?

I have drain flies and want to get rid of them. Both products seem to do the same thing. Is one stronger than the other? Is the Biodrain more environmentally friendly?

DF 5000 Drain Fly Gel and Invade Bio Drain are pretty much the same and will do the same job for you. The main difference is that they are made by different manufacturers. Both products are very environmentally friendly.

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What is the best combination of products to use for Phorid Flies?

I was thinking DF 5000 Drain Fly Gel and/or InVade Bio Drain Gel as well as Gentrol Aerosol. What is the difference between the DF & InVade?

If the Phorid flies are breeding in drains that have a buildup of organic matter and DF5000 is used it can help get rid of those pests. Adding Gentrol to the treatment program can definitely help break the cycle of infestation. DF5000 and Invade are very similar and will do the same thing for you, they are just made by different manufacturers. You can also use insect glue traps to capture the breeding adults which will help you monitor the infestation and help eliminate them from the breeding pool.

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DF 5000 Drain Gel 4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.1 (137 Reviews / 23 Q&A)

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