Using planters to grow plants can create a beautiful outdoor space by providing landscape accents and focal points throughout your yard and garden. We carry many types of planters, so you can choose the style, size, and material that is best for your plants.

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Planter with 18 planter pods for 360 degree planting, it can also be used as a standing compost bin.
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Raised garden bed with a composter attached - 4 different colors

Outdoor Garden Planters

When choosing the right planter, there are several things to consider. You will want to maintain the look you want, while using practical, durable planters that allow your plants to thrive.

  • Choose the right size and shape appropriate for the type of plant you want to grow.  
  • Material choice is also important, and will affect the maintenance level of your pots. For example, some containers, like terra cotta, will soak up and hold water, while porous containers will not.
  • Hanging planters often require more frequent watering, since the above ground soil will dry out quickly.
  • If you want a wooden planter, choose wood that is naturally resistant to decay, or treated to resist decay, so the wood will last longer.
  • Consider weight and size as well, since large pots can be hard to move, so you may have to choose a permanent spot for your pot, or place it on casters. Plastic containers can be useful since they are lightweight but can still provide the volume and the look that you want in your yard.

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