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    Does not kill ticks

    By M. on 11/11/2010

    This product is labeled to kill ticks but it only kills larvae. Doest not kill the second stage neither adult ticks. I got two ticks and put them in a zip lock bag and sprayed a small amount of Precor 2000 Plus Premise inside the bag and sealed the small bag. I waited three days and the ticks were still alive.

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    By Martha on 06/26/2020

    I found my entire apartment infested with fleas and I never owed a pet or had a pet visit me. I switch from PT Ultracide after my 8th can. The fleas are going away but it is a long process due to the life cycle of a flea. Prior to using PT I used other products that did help for a day or two. I only switched to PRECOR as all the reviews said it worked great. I purchased 2 cans and I still have fleas but they are getting better slowly. I did not really think that PRECOR worked as well as PT so once the 2nd can of PRECOR is empty I will purchase 2 more cans of PT as I feel it is a better product. I have been fighting this flea battle since February as I really didn't know what was biting me and didn't know fleas could life off of humans when no pets are present. I am hoping that the end of the fleas is near. The reviews that state one spray and the fleas are gone is not true as there are 4 stages of a fleas life and it takes month to be rid of them. I also hired an exterminator which did not help so I went back to PT. There is no quick fix to get 100% rid of fleas but weekly spraying does help reduce the amount of fleas.

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    Flea Control

    By Jim on 08/23/2012

    Verified Purchase

    Applied as directed and vacuumed every other day with minimal effectiveness. Reapplied two more applications and continued to vacuum with fair to moderate success. Used in conjunction with Advantix after switching form Frontline Plus and Frontline Plus spray (no results)combined out the dog several times a day and continue to remove fleas. Continue to collect fleas daily in flea light trap.

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    By Dawn on 09/14/2021

    I have used this product before to control a flea problem. For whatever reason it is not working this time. I have re-sprayed two and three times and the problem still exists. It is not a matter of a re-infestation coming in from the areas are contained and control by killing the eggs, etc. should be enough with this product. This was always my "go to" pesticide and its not inexpensive. I did also purchase foggers but that requires vacating premises for several hours. That is my last resort.

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