Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station

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Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station stations

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Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station - CASE (12 stations)Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station - CASE (12 stations) case (12 stations)

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Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station
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If you plan on using protecta keyless stations outdoors, we recommend they are placed in areas that are not accessible by non-target animals or you should make sure they are securely anchored to the ground since they are not lockable.

The Protecta Keyless Mouse bait station has a tamper-resistent lid that screws on and off, with no special key required. It holdes two poison bait blocks that lure mice inside for a quick kill. No baits are included. We recommend that you purchase Contrac Rodenticide Bait Blocks for use inside station.

Bait shown is NOT included!

Dimensions: 4 1/2" across x 2 1/2" H

Quick, Easy Servicing
Tamper-resistance without a key, PROTECTA Keyless makes servicing easy. The station locks with a quick twist of the lid and unlocks with a coordinated squeeze and twist.

Designed to facilitate grasping and opening, PROTECTA Keyless has six finger-sized indentations in the lid.

Three Separate Entry Points
PROTECTA Keyless features three entry points for mice. Each entry has its own feeding station, which allows multiple mice to feed simultaneously.

The station’s three entrances use a unique interior baffle system that gives mice full bait access and a protected feeding space at the same time.

“In areas of high rodent pressure, a single mouse can dominate the feeding chamber, thereby reducing a bait station’s overall effectiveness,” said Pete Martin, technical director at Bell Labs. “PROTECTA Keyless’ three separate entry points and feeding chambers eliminate alpha mouse dominance and ensure maximum effectiveness regardless of the baiting situation,” he said.

Versatility of Use
PROTECTA Keyless offers versatility. It can be used along walls, in corners––virtually anywhere you need to bait.

The station’s compact size also makes it adaptable. Measuring only 2 inches tall by 4 3/4 inches wide, PROTECTA Keyless fits under pallets, shelves, and other hard to reach places.

PROTECTA Keyless holds up to two Bell Blox on integrated securing rods, allowing more bait in areas of high rodent pressure. The rods keep the bait safe from translocation or from being shaken out.

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    4 of 5 stars  nice easy to open design
    By Kathleen in Woodbridge, VA on 05/19/2012
    Verified Purchase

    I really like the fact that you don't need a key for this item. It opens and closes with a simple twist. The other ones that require a key are very difficult to open. I thought it was just me, but my husband has difficulty as well and he's very strong - he's retired Navy. Their locking mechanism is just poorly designed. The size is good too. It's small enough that it doesn't stick out like some of those large boxes. Now if I can just keep the squirrels from carrying them off I'd be in good shape. You would think a couple large paving stones would keep them off but somehow they are able to move it. I bought 6 and 1 of them is somewhere in the woods. :)

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  • 2 of 2 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Mice damaging wire insulation in aircraft
    By Neil in Fairfield, New Jersey on 01/18/2013

    We are using the bait stations in aircraft hangars to attact the mice away from getting in the aircraft and chewing the insulation off the aircraft's wiring. Before the Bait stations we were using the pellets and the mice hide all the pellets throughout the aircraft. with the bait station they have to eat the bait in the station, it can not be carried out and hiden somewhere

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  • 1 of 2 people found this review helpful:

    1 of 5 stars  Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station
    By Dick in Grand Island, NY on 07/20/2012

    I filled 10 of these bait stations with the recommended bait and placed them in various places around my property (about 1 1/2 acres) in a rural suburban neighborhood. I haven't seen any activity near the stations, and none of the stations has been moved. Also, the stations are very difficult to open. I think these are a waste of money and effort.

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  keyless mouse bait stations
    By Paul in TX on 02/19/2013
    Verified Purchase

    I like these and they are easier to service. I do wish all of the bait stations you sell used the same bait. Have you ever considered this option? IF you have not thought of it please consider this in the future. I have purchased both the locking and the keyless stylus

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Great product- recommended with caveat
    By Tim in Madison, VA on 11/10/2015

    This is my second order for these. Given their low price/case, I was concerned they would not be secure. Wild animals have managed to get bait out of other, much more expensive, stations, but nothing has ever gotten anything out of these. I like that they are simple to open- without any special tool or key. This could possibly be a problem if the area is accessible by young children (have not tested), but where we use them it is not.

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  • 4 of 5 stars  Love these.
    By Russell in Illinois on 07/21/2016

    These do the job. A little pricey.

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07/12/2012 Becky from Amherst, Va

QIs there a way to hang the Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Stations?
i live in country and mice/rats chew gas lines on vehicles, looking for something i can hang or secure under the hood of a vehicle and wondering if this will work

AYou could possibly use large plastic wire ties or zip ties to fasten the Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station to objects. If you are trying to use the stations under the hood you MUST remove the stations before driving the vehicle as the stations are made of plastic and could possibly melt or catch fire if exposed to the high temperatures from a car engine.

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