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    Works like a charm!

    By Mark on 03/01/2017

    I know this stuff is expensive, but it works great. I had an infestation of bermuda grass on my lawn from a neighboring pasture. Two applications and reseeding of fescue and it's a new lawn. Follow the instructions. I followed the advice of the Virginia Tech ag extension. In in NC. Bermuda turns white after a couple of weeks. Second application killed off the remaining. For me, it beat the alternative of killing off the lawn with roundup and starting over.

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    if you can get over the price- this kills the bermudagrass

    By Joe on 07/04/2019

    Okay the investment in terms of the package you need to buy is preposterous. You apply 0.7ML per gallon and have to buy 8 oz or 237ml.. which means you need to buy enough to make 338 gallons which treats 338,000 sq feet. For $500. But if you need to get rid of bermudagrass in fescue like my silly HOA demands, and can get past this investment challenge, the outcome is great. I have to admit for the first 4 days I was convinced I made a huge mistake. Then it started visibly working. Now after 2 weeks the bermudagrass is turning white and the grass is green and fine. Wow I have wasted way too much time in the past with ineffective solutions like fusilade & tenacity, finding just the right day, applying over and over etc. Triclopyr worked a little but is a bermudagrass discourager, not killer. I tried roundup one year but the bermudagrass just came back anyways. The roundup wasn’t that expensive but the grass seed was. My pylex package came with a ml syringe (no needle) that is great for dispensing the very small amount (thanks). You need to buy the MSO. What I didn’t catch is that the pylex secondary label tells you to use triclopyr in addition to the mso- i took that as a very strong recommendation. So plan ahead with your domyown order. I would also recommend a dye if you are spraying enough. The label recommends 2 or 3 applications finishing 3 weeks before seeding time, which means I can apply in the summer. Perfect. Cause that’s when bermudagrass takes over. I can’t tell you how next year will be but at least this is real progress. Crazy expensive- yup. Only thing that works-check. Possible solution or at least significant gain for the first time in years in my struggle against bermudagrass in fescue- bingo. Highly recommended. All we need to do is get it in containers 1/8 the size

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    It’s worth the high price.

    By Tom on 07/24/2019

    I’ve spent $$$ fighting Bermuda in my tall fescue over the past 12 years but achieved nothing more than moderate control. Ordered Pylex and applied it in September last year. I’ve had some trouble spots return as of late July it’s no where near as bad as previous years. I’m going to make an application in early August and a second in early September this year in hopes of knocking it out once and for all.

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    Dallis & Bermuda Crabgrass is toast

    By Ryan on 07/29/2022

    Worth every Penny! After reading other reviews and (my soon to be old) lawn service acted like roundup was the only solution - NOT TRUE! Our tall fescue lawn was being taken over by Dallis, Bermuda, and a few other types broadleaf crabgrasses. I have to admit after the first 5 days I thought I made a huge mistake from mixing, to applying, and ultimately to purchasing. After converting units and mixing instructions on DIY website (watch these!) I used my 1-gal roundup hand sprayer to apply “Pyledriver” mix (Pylex + Methylated Seed Oil + Drive-XLR8). The first application is absolutely kicking ALL these crabgrasses in the teeth. Will apply second application 2.5 weeks apart but so far there has been negligible yellowing of fescue and glorious bleaching of crabgrass’ everywhere. I’m not going to lie. It felt good. Real good.

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    Quick and accurate service!

    By Brent on 08/15/2017

    My product was delivered ahead of advertised schedule, well packaged, and accurate.

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    Some Caution Needed With New Sod

    By Christopher on 04/13/2022

    Hi everyone- let me confess that the errors I’m about to describe were senseless and I am just sick about it. I’m pretty sure the product works- in fact maybe too well! After a massive Herculean effort to dig out the Bermuda grass roots and replace the soil in my 800 sq ft front yard, I installed a turf-type tall fescue (Marathon II). When I tell you that this grass looked so gorgeous, I mean literally people would stop and ask me about it. For the first time I was in love with my lawn. But I was scared out of my mind about the Bermuda grass returning and, upon lifting up various segments of sod, I could see the earliest signs of a sneak attack. Petrified, I applied one round of Pylex/triclopyr. And then, like an idiot, the next day, still fearful that I hadn’t hit it hard enough, I applied a second round. Well that was a dumb mistake. The lawn took a big hit. The first sign was that growth was arrested. The soil became boggy because it was now being overwatered with little uptake. The lawn itself took on a slightly brownish hue where the lawnmower cuts created exaggerated blade damage. But the worst thing: blades of Bermuda appeared everywhere. It’s not at all that the product didn’t work. It’s that I applied it probably three weeks too early. So…a few take-homes. Don’t be an idiot like me. Start low and go slow. Especially on sod whose root network is still so fragile no matter how great it looks above ground. The label says “use on actively growing Bermuda” for a reason. It needs the leaves for maximal uptake. Like the video mentions, although quickly, avoid a blanket application for a residential lawn and instead spot treat- which of course means that you have to “see it to treat it”. It’s not a pre-emergent. Reserve a blanket application only for a case of Bermuda that has become disseminated throughout the entire lawn. I hope this is helpful. I know how desperate we can feel to win the war against Bermuda. But, as “selective” as a product claims to be, grass is, at some point, grass— and you’re going to do damage if you’re not careful. The good news is that this product is likely the best available and the fescue does recover, albeit slowly.

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    Initially expensive but worth EVERY penny!

    By Douglas on 08/31/2022

    I have been fighting Dallisgrass continually for years in my lawn due to the fact that our neighborhood is simply overrun with it. Several years ago it had gotten so bad my Wife and I simply killed off large sections of the lawn with Round Up and planted seed to pretty much just start over. I do not remember the exact Dollar amount we spent on all of the Round Up required for the job but I do know it was not a lot less that what we spent on a 4 oz. bottle of Pylex. Factoring in the amount of time, work and effort, the Pylex would have to be more economical. As this was the first time using Pylex I mixed the batch to the minimum recommended ratio (.7ml/Gal) and spot sprayed the lawn 8/24/22. Today is one week later and the Pylex has bleached out approximately 70% of the Dallisgrass after a single application. I am going to mix the next batch at the maximum recommended ratio (.9 ml/Gal) and I truly feel confident that this is going to destroy all of the remaining Dallisgrass. The best part aside from how effective Pylex has proven to be is that the desired turf has remained completely unaffected by the product, amazing. If you are fighting with Dallisgrass and it seems like a futile effort I absolutely recommend Pylex to help you save your sanity. It's a tremendous product.

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    By Aileen on 10/01/2021

    We were a bit nervous about making such an expensive purchase for a tiny bottle. We sprayed all our areas where Bermuda had just spread out of control. After the first week I starting to feel sick that nothing had happened, but by day 10 I was completely blown away. This stuff is amazing! The Bermuda is starting to take effect and our good fescue is left behind undamaged. I cannot believe this product is so effective. We are still waiting to see how it looks in the next week because we have heard and read that applying a 2nd time might be needed, but so far so good. We also used this product with blue dye and made it so much easier!

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    Pylex - kills bermuda grass

    By Brent on 10/08/2021

    This stuff really works! The broadleaf grass turned lime green in 2 days. The began to turn lime green in 5 days. One application is not sufficient. The instructions call for three applications - 3 weeks apart. It is my experience due to a high rain volume (we had the 2nd highest rain in the month of August in recorded history), the 2nd & 3rd application needs to be sooner than 3-weeks if there is a lot of rain as the Bermuda was regrowing due to the heat and rain volume.

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