Pyranha Stock Guard

Pyranha Stock Guard

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Product Overview

Pyranha Stock Guard is for use on cattle, goats, sheep, swine, poultry, horses, and dogs, and can be used in milk rooms, cattle barns, horse barns, dairies, poultry houses, and kennels.  It controls flies, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, mites, gnats and other listed pests. It can be sprayed directly on livestock, used with back rubbers, or used as a premise spray.  It can be used in ULV foggers or in automatic misting systems (not for use in residential misting systems in the state of New York).  One 8 oz. bottle will make 6 to 25 gallons depending on application.  The 64 oz. bottle will make up to 200 gallons of solution.  See label for complete application instructions. 


Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Permethrin - 10.00% Piperonyl Butoxide - 10.00%
Target pests Flies, Ticks, Roaches, Spiders, Lice, Beetles, Mites, Scorpions, Mosquitoes, and Fleas.
For use in Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Swine, Horses, Poultry, and Dogs of over 12 weeks of age.
Application Add 1/2 amount of required water to the tank. Add Pyranha Stock Guard concentrate to water while filling if possible. Add the balance of water while mixing or forceful spraying.
Pet safe Yes, if used as indicated on the label.
Yield Makes up to 25 gallons depending on application.
Formulation Liquid Concentrate.
Dimensions 1.75 x 3.75 x 6.25 inches.
Special Features This synergized concentrate effectively controls a wide range of insects.
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer Pyranha (Mfg. Number: 001STCKGRD8))
UPC 791738114458
EPA Registration 1021-2767-21165



  • Drive-in theaters
  • Drive-in restaurants
  • Gardens
  • Homes
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Recreational areas
  • Golf courses
  • Feedlots
  • Corrals
  • Swine lots
  • Zoos
  • Urban areas


  • Cattle barns
  • Milk rooms and parlors
  • Dairies
  • Horse barns
  • Poultry houses
  • Swine houses
  • Kennels
  • Dairy and beef cattle
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Swine
  • Horses
  • Poultry
  • Dogs

For dairy cattle: Spray lactating dairy cows only after milking is complete.

For swine: Do not ship animals for slaughter within 5 days of the last treatment.

NOTE: See the label for the complete application instructions.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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Does Pyranha Stock Guard have any residual period or is it immediate use only?

In reading the instructions for poultry application, I noticed that it does not state to repeat in 10 days for newly hatched eggs. Does that mean it has a residual period?


Pyranha Stock Guard only kills those insects that are out in the open and come into contact with it at the time it is being applied.  There is no residual kill, but it can potentially make an area slightly repellent for 2-3 days after an application.  We do not find any reference to newly hatched eggs on the product label, so you may wish to contact the manufacturer Pyranha with specific application questions directly at 1-800-231-2966, or via their contact page here.

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