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    CB PCO Fogger with Pyrethrins

    By Robert on 03/22/2011

    Absolutely USELESS!! Frankly, I'm not sure why but there are more roaches now than before the "bombs" were set off. This building is less than 600 sq. ft. I set one in the front half, and one in the rear half. I found a total of 5 dead roaches on the floor and kitchen counter. 6 days later, they are still everywhere, LIVE!! I am giving this one star. Unfortunately, you haven't provided for a NEGATIVE rating. I would NOT recommend this to my ex-wife!!!

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    You have to realize that a fogger only goes straight up into the air out of the can, and then falls straight down.  It will only kill roaches that are out in the open.  Foggers do not make it into the wall voids where the roaches hide, or under or inside appliances.  You should apply roach bait and other residual products like what is in our roach control kits.

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    Left an oily residue all over my floors and rugs

    By Judy on 06/22/2015

    I followed the instructions to a tee on this fogger. I shook it well and placed a generous amount of newspaper underneath the cans on the floor. Came home to air out the house and slipped on the floor from an oily residue that was left from the pyrethrin. The oily residue settled everywhere within a very large perimeter of where I placed the cans on the floor and even on my oriental rugs. I spent five hours mopping the floors. Also, had to use my carpet shmpooer to get the oil out of the carpet. Six hours later when I brought my dog home from my mom's house, he didn't want to come in from the residual odor. He hid his nose in his covers and kept coming out of his kennel to get away from the smell. I did see some dead moths, but it wasn't worth the aggravation of spending endless hours cleaning up the mess. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned the oily residue left after releasing the bomb. I definitely would not recommend.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    Foggers in general will contain oils that are used as propellants to dispense the product, so it should be expected that an oily residue will be left behind. Also, foggers will only kill insects that are exposed at the time of use. For complete control of most types of moths, you will need to identify the source, whether that be stored food goods for pantry moths such as Indian Meal Moths, or animal fiber garments for clothing moths. The exact treatment will vary, depending on the particular pest. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service staff for assistance with treating your particular pest!

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    largely ineffective

    By John on 11/19/2012

    Verified Purchase

    I followed the directions precisely, applying the product in a closed room considerably smaller than specified, twice, a week apart, and the infestation (spider mites) was only minimally reduced.

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    Did not have any effect

    By Craig on 04/24/2017

    Used 5 cans in 5 rooms. The product had no effect on controlling fleas.

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    FMC Pyrethrin fogger

    By Elisabeth on 08/13/2017

    Used 3 of them for my 2100 sq house. Did not work, did not kill the fleas, even 3 days after. The spray I used on the 2 kittens the same day worked a little, but only a little better.

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    Didn't work for yellow jackets

    By Michael on 07/18/2017

    Timely delivery and it dispensed as described. I draped a plastic tent around the soffit area where wasp traffic was continual. About 3 ft x 10ft and from soffit to the ground=7'. Set off foggier after dark. No wasp the first day. Returned to normal the 2nd day

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    So why lie?!

    By Thomas on 09/09/2020

    So I have not use this product yet I just received it today but as I'm going through the reviews and seeing the "expert response" that it does not kill what is inside the walls and cracks but that is the only reason I purchased this fogger was because it said straight in the detail that this is one of the only Foggers that gets inside crevices and cracks so why it says that on the website but then you're telling people that it doesn't maybe you should switch up the wording on the page where this product is bought because as I just said this is the only reason I bought this specific one is because it clearly said it gets into crevices and cracks so if I wouldn't have seen that and seen that it says it goes straight up in the air and straight down onto the floor, I wouldn't have even bought it

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