Nimitz Pro G Nematicide


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Nimitz Pro G Nematicide

Quali-Pro Nimitz Pro G Nematicide is an excellent non-fumigant nematicide that is completely environment-friendly. After extensive testing by turfgrass researchers, this is scientifically proven to effectively reduce nematode population for an overall healthy and greener turf. Quali-Pro Nimitz Pro G will not interfere with other scheduled treatments such as fungicide rotational efforts, while promoting gains in root length and weight. It will also not disrupt delicate soil balance; and does not harm beneficial microbes, fungi, bacteria or other soil microfauna. This nematicide can be easily applied with a simple broadcast application method, guaranteed to save your time and resources. For nematode control in Bermuda grass, Centipedegrass, golf courses, sports fields, commercial turfgrass areas, residential turfgrass, lawns and more.



Quali-Pro NIMITZ Pro G Nematicide has shown excellent activity against the major genera for nematodes attacking turfgrasses. When used according to the directions Quali-Pro NIMITZ Pro G Nematicide can provide season-long control. Quali-Pro NIMITZ Pro G Nematicide kills the nematodes. This is a new synthetic chemistry that is a true Nematicide and not a Nematistat. Nematodes as they come into contact with this product will die soon after exposure or become inactive and die. Applications should be uniformly broadcasted overtop turfgrass suspected to have nematodes or with a history of nematodes.

Creeping Bentgrass (including Greens, Tees and Fairways)

Apply Quali-Pro NIMITZ Pro G Nematicide to Creeping Bentgrass in early spring or as nematode symptoms become present. The earlier Quali-Pro NIMITZ Pro G Nematicide is applied before symptoms become severe the more control and protection this product will provide. Apply to Creeping Bentgrass when the turfgrass is actively growing.

Nematode Control as a Rescue Treatment for Sod Turfgrass of Zoysiagrass, Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass on Sod Farms

For Nematode control prior to harvesting/cutting turfgrass sod on sod farms, it is recommended to make a broadcast application 1-2 months prior to harvesting or cutting turfgrass sod. Make an application of QualiPro NIMITZ Pro G Nematicide at 120 – 240 pounds per acre to the established turfgrass sod. It is required to irrigate the sod following application with an adequate amount of water (generally 0.25-0.5 inches). For low cut or fairway height turfgrass sod to improve the product penetration to the root zone and soil, it is recommended that the broadcast application should follow aerification (1-10 days) prior to application. Quali-Pro NIMITZ Pro G Nematicide has been shown to provide effective control of nematodes and increase root tensile strength of newly harvested sod.

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