Roach Powder & Roach Dust

Roach dust is a great way to treat roaches in the small cracks and crevices insecticide sprays and baits may not be able to reach. Applied with dusters, insecticide dusts and natural dusts are long-lasting to protect your home long after the initial infestation is gone. Explore our selection of professional grade roach dusts to do it yourself like the pros. 

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A natural insect control dust containing Diatomaceous Earth that kills many common crawling insects.

Roach Killer Dust – A Natural Solution

Roach powder can make getting rid of roaches a less tedious and overwhelming process. Not only are they tenacious and occasionally hard to kill, but also there’s always the worry that the products you’re using might be harming your family in some way you can’t predict.

Recently, there has been growth in the interest in natural solutions to pesky pest problems, and here at Do My Own Pest Control we offer all the latest products that are both brutally effective against these insects and also completely safe to use around any members of your family, both children and pets.

Three All-Natural Roach Dusts & Powders

•    Boric Acid

Boric acid roach killer dust is one of the main all-natural products that can control roaches with the same effectiveness as more powerful chemical based products. It relies on a very specific chemical structure that is incredibly damaging to the insect’s outer shell, leading to its dehydration and death.  The best thing about using this and other products in this same category is that they are completely safe for use around pets, children and adults. Because boric acid is no more toxic than table salt, it can be applied in any location where the bugs might be hiding, and you needn’t worry about accidental exposure like you might with some other insecticides.

•    Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is in many ways like boric acid powder in that it is a natural alternative to the main types of pesticides usually used. It is a mineral that is found in abundance in the earth’s crust, and when applied as a fine powder has an incredibly damaging and fatal effect on most types of insects such as roaches. Again like boric acid it can be applied in any setting in the home as it is completely non-toxic both for people and for domestic animals such as dogs and cats.  You should however remember that it must be kept dry to be effective, so avoid placing it in damp areas or outdoors exposed to the elements.

•    Pyrethrin Dust

This product really combines the best of both worlds. It is derived from a natural source of pesticides known as the chrysanthemum flower, which is in fact the basis for many of the synthetic chemical pesticides known as pyrethroids. However because pyrethrin dust is taken straight from the source and not altered in any way, it can be used without fear around any setting, and still provide the quick knock down and longer term control of a chemical pesticide when used as a roach dust.

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