Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes

Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes
Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes

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Product Overview

Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes is specially designed for starting seeds and rooting plant cuttings. It is formulated to nourish young plants in the early stage to help promote stronger roots and produce healthy plants. Root Riot is made from composted natural elements and micro-nutrients which boost root growth and development by providing an ideal environment for cuttings and seeds. Each cube has a spongy texture which maintains the perfect balance between air and water. The air and water are both essential for faster and healthier growth of roots. Root Riot Cubes are pre moistened, if they have become dry to the touch just place them in a bowl of room temperature water. Make sure that you do not saturate the cubes upon re-wetting. 

Product comes with 50 count cubes in each bag.

Features and Specs

For use in Soil or hydroponics
Pet safe Yes, if followed by directions on label.
Shipping Weight 1.55 lbs
Manufacturer Hydrodynamics International Prod (Mfg. Number: 100524735)
UPC 659627011076



Each cube were supplied moist, so if they gets dry, simply place them in a bowl with lukewarm water to re-wet them. Make sure they remain spongy and moist; prevent them from getting soggy. Cubes that are not used must be kept in a plastic bag so they will not dry out. Cubes should be at room temperature.


  • Put seed into the hole of the cube.
  • Place the tray in warm areas til germination.


  • Pick cutting material - most species proliferate better from softwood tips. To prepare the material, cut diagonally below a node or stem swelling. Discard everything except for a few leaves.
  • Dip the cut end into Clones Rooting Gel, then put it lightly into the pre-formed hole on top of the cube. Do not force it in; make sure to insert it just far enough to support it.
  • Mist cuttings and cover the tray with clear lid or plastic bag to increase humidity. Maintain humidity by misting regularly.

Watch out for moisture in the cubes, especially in warm conditions wherein it speeds up drying out. If the moisture does not come out of the surface when squeezed, lightly water the cubes and drain properly.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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