Santa Fe Dehumidifier Remote Dehumidistat (4020175)


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Santa Fe Dehumidifier Remote Dehumidistat (4020175) remote (1 lb)

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Santa Fe Dehumidifier Remote Dehumidistat (4020175)
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Santa Fe Dehumidifier Remote Dehumidistat (4020175) is an add-on to these dehumidifiers: Advance2, Compact 2, Force, Impact XT, Max Dry Dual XT and Classic. Allows control of the dehumidifier in another room away from where the dehumidifier is located.

This controller is hard wired using 115 volts.  It is simply a dial that will be wall mounted and used to create the set point for the humidity.


Product Documents

Installation instructions can be found on page 9 of the manual. This work is recommended to be installed by a licensed electrician.

A 110-120 VAC remote humidity control is available from the factory. This replaces the factory mounted humidity control on the cabinet of the dehumidifier, and allows the unit to accurately sense the humidity in an area other than the one where the unit is located.
1. Unplug the unit.
2. Pull the black humidity control knob off from the side of the unit, exposing 2 screws. Remove the screws.
3. Remove the front panel of the dehumidifier by removing 6 screws.

4. Remove the 4 screws securing the wiring box to the inside of the blower end of the dehumidifier, and pull the box away from the cabinet to allow access.
5. Insert a romex connector or conduit connector into the hole in the cabinet that is left after the dehumidistat is removed. Pass the cable to be used to connect to the remote dehumidistat through the connector.
6. Disconnect the dehumidistat leads and reconnect with the new wires.
7. Replace the wiring box and screws. Replace the front cover and screws. Tighten any loose screws on the connector.
8. Run the new wire to the location desired to sense relative humidity. Install a 110-120 VAC dehumidistat according to local electrical codes.

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07/09/2015 Melvin from Resaca, Ga

QCan the Remote Dehumidistat be easily installed?
Is this recommended option for an Advance 2 that will be vented, or is it problematic?


Yes, the Santa Fe Dehumidifier Remote Dehumidistat is easily installed. We would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly for specific instructions on how to do this. Their phone number is 800-533-7533.

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