Santa Fe Compact70 Dehumidifier

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Santa Fe Compact70 Dehumidifier

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4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4

3 Reviews | 3 Q&A

Product Overview

The Santa Fe Compact70 Dehumidifier, previously known as Santa Fe Compact 2 Dehumidifier, is the most compact dehumidifier in Santa Fe's product line. With all the features that Santa Fe's dehumidifiers are known for, this Compact70 would be a great dehumidifier in small spaces.

Features of the Santa Fe Compact70 include:

  • Low Temperature Operation - Working at temperatures that other dehumidifiers just can't handle, the Santa Fe Compact70 keeps working diligently.
  • Auto Restart - All Santa Fe dehumidifiers have automatic restart capability after any power outage. All settings are kept.  
  • Large Capacity - The Santa Fe Compact70 can remove up to 70 pints a day out of a 1800 sq. ft. area, doing the job of several competing dehumidifiers.
  • Superior Air Filtration - Using MERV-13 filters, the Santa Fe Compact70 keeps working at full efficiency when other dehumidifiers would struggle.  

High humidity can cause serious issues, from mold growth to the destruction of wood, insulation and electrical/mechanical systems. Thus, it is important to clear out the moisture as fast as possible. Santa Fe Compact70 is the way to clear up to 1800 sq. ft. of basements and crawlspaces of 70 pints of water every day. Just attach a tube to the dehumidifier to remove the water, place the other end of the tube to a drain, plug in the power cord and let the dehumidifier do its work.

All Santa Fe dehumidifiers work by using their refrigeration systems to collect the water from the surrounding air. The air is cooled so that the moisture condensates onto a coil, which collects and directs the water into the drain hose, by the force of gravity. The dehumidified air is then used to help with the cooling process before being reheated and released through the exhaust vents on the sides of the dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers are important because wet crawlspaces and basements are the main factor for the eventual destruction of floor joists, beams, insulation, and electrical and mechanical systems. Excessive moisture encourages the growth of mold on wood and on other organic material in crawl spaces. All these things lead to a large amount of damage to your property. This Compact 2 dehumidifier will remove moisture from your basement or crawlspaces to prevent the growth of mildew, rust, mold, biological allergens, musty odors, bacteria and even dust mites and other pests. 

The EPA recommends keeping humidity levels below 50%, to keep all those issues from occurring. Just attach a tube to the water output valve, place the tube where you want it to go, plug the dehumidifier in and watch it go. The dehumidifier works in all environments as well, including wine cellars, gun vaults, home libraries, car collections, and historical homes.

Two optional accessories provide the best flexibility in installation. 

If you need any other accessories for the Santa Fe Compact70, you can find them here:

Runs off of 580 watts on average and draws 5.1 amps while operating. The energy efficiency is 5.0 pints of water per kilowatt-hour.

This unit does not include a condensation pump, but any Santa Fe pump (or other brand) can be used with it.  

Features and Specs

For use in Basements, Crawlspaces, Wine Cellars, Gun Vaults, Home Libraries, Car Collections, Historical Homes and others
Dimensions 12 in. W x 12 in. H x 21 in. L and 55 lbs.
Coverage Area 1,800 sq. ft.
Voltage 115 V
Special Features High energy efficiency, large water capacity, low temperature operation, superior air filtration, and auto restart
Warranty 6 Year Limited Warranty:
2 Years Full Warranty Parts and Labor
3 to 6 Years Component Warranty - including (Compressor, Evaporator Coil, and Condenser Coil)
Parts Included Compact Dehumidifier
Power Cord
8-foot Drainage Hose
MERV-13 Air Filter
Owner's Manual
Shipping Weight 63.11 lbs
Manufacturer Santa Fe Dehumidifiers (Mfg. Number: 4033600)


Capacities for residential dehumidifers are measured in pints of water removed per day at standard conditions (80 degrees F and 60% RH) determined by the American Home Appliance Manufacturers. At these conditions, the capacity of the Santa Fe Compact70 is 70 pints per day as compared to 20 - 65 pints from standard residential units. However, most basements and crawlspaces are cooler than 80 degrees F so the water removal capacity of the standard unit will be lowered significantly. A dehumidifier such as the Santa Fe Compact is necessary that moisture is removed at real world temperature of your crawlspace or basement to prevent mold, bacteria and mildew growth. This Santa Fe Compac70 is designed for these cooler applications.

Intended Application(s)
The Santa Fe Compact70 is intended for use in crawlspaces or basements: however, the unit can be placed in almost any residential setting where dehumidification is desired. Use in non-residential applications and pool areas may void warranty. The Santa Fe Compact70 is designed to operate in temperatures between 49° and 95°F. This unit works most effectively between 56° and 95°. In order to efficiently control humidity levels, the area in which the dehumidifier is to be operated must be free of water intrusion or excessive fresh (outside) air infiltration. Before installing the Santa Fe Compact70, water intrusion and air infiltration problems should be addressed.

Unit Assembly

Installing Feet

Included with your Santa Fe Compact70 are four leveling feet. It is important to level the unit for proper draining. Do not install the feet if you are using the optional hang kit.

Adjusting Leveling Feet

  1. Lay down a protective pad (pillow, blanket, etc.).
  2. Carefully turn unit onto side.
  3. Install leveling feet and adjust to the desired position.
  4. Carefully bring unit to upright position.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until unit is capable of proper drainage as described in section 5.2.3 of this manual.
  6. Wait a minimum of 10 minutes before operating.

Note: Operating the unit immediately after bringing it to an upright position can possibly damage the compressor. A minimum of 10 minutes is needed to allow the compressor oil to return to it’s reservoir for lubrication.

Drain Hose

Install the threaded drain hose fitting into the lower right hand side, on the front of the machine. Place drain hose end on drain port until fully seated. Refer to Section 5.2.3 regarding proper drainage.


Safety Precautions

  • Do not install the Santa Fe Compact70 with the intake or exhaust of the unit within 1' of a wall or other obstruction.
  • Do not place the unit where curtains or debris can be drawn onto the intake and restrict airflow.
  • Do not operate in standing water or place the unit near open water.


The Santa Fe Compact70 can be installed in a variety of locations to meet the dehumidification needs, but should be installed directly in the area to be dehumidified. Other considerations include:

  1. Providing access to a 115 VAC power outlet (9' power cord is provided).
  2. Locating near a suitable drain (8' drain hose included).
  3. The unit is designed to operate while level. If the unit is placed on an unlevel surface, refer to section 4.1. Failure to level the unit may result in leakage or improper drainage.
  4. The unit should be hung from the floor joists if there is any possibility of flooding. A flooded unit is not covered by warranty.

Electrical Requirements
The Santa Fe Compact70 plugs into a common grounded outlet on a 110-120 VAC 15-Amp circuit. While operating, it draws 5.1 amps @ 80°F, 60% RH and 4.5 amps @ 70°F, 50% RH. Use of a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected circuit is recommended. The unit should not be used in areas prone to flooding.

Condensate (Water) Removal
The Santa Fe Compact70 drains via gravity, therefore, it does not have the ability to push condensate (water) upwards. The drain hose must run down towards the drain location. Condensate can be drained by using the 5/8” clear vinyl hose and the 3/4” threaded adapter provided. Ensure the threaded adapter is threaded in tightly. The Santa Fe Compact70 requires a drain trap. Creating a drain trap allows a small amount of water to build up in the trap area of the clear hose. This prevents air from back flowing through the hose and into the dehumidifier; essentially causing the unit to backflow water out of the corners of the machine. Position the trap in the hose approximately 8"-10” from the dehumidifier and make sure the highest point of the trap is still at least 2”below the black drain port adapter on the dehumidifier. If the highest point of the trap is above the drain port, water will back flow into the dehumidifier. Check the hose regularly to ensure water is draining properly. Use care to keep the hose as flat to the floor as possible after your trap is in place. Be sure the hose is not kinked or otherwise restricted so water can pass through the hose freely. Improper installation of the drain hose may result in water leakage. If the Santa Fe Compact70 is located too far from the floor drain and the provided hose does not reach, you may use a 1/2” PVC rigid pipe to extend the drain. Rigid PVC tubing is readily available from your local hardware store. Be sure the extension is at a down-word slope to the drain. An optional condensate pump kit may be installed if lift is required to remove condensate. To order, contact your local dealer or visit our website at 

Humidity Control Adjustment
The humidity control is an adjustable switch that turns the dehumidifier on and off. It turns on when the relative humidity (RH) rises to the dial set point. It turns off when the RH is within ±5% of the set point.

Approximate Humidity Levels Per Setting

  • “Drier” 35% to 45% Relative Humidity
  • “Normal” 45% to 55% Relative Humidity (Recommended for most applications)
  • “Humid” 55% to 65% Relative Humidity

The dehumidifier will run continuously until the RH is reduced to the humidity control dial setting. It is not recommended to set the humidity control to “dry” in rooms under 65°; doing so will result in long periods of ineffective dehumidifier run time.
To turn unit on, turn the humidity dial clockwise to the recommended “NORMAL” position and set fan control to “FAN AUTO.” To turn the unit off, turn the humidity dial counter clockwise to the “OFF” position and set fan control to “FAN AUTO.”

Defrost Cycle
This product includes a defrost thermostat. This feature prevents internal damage caused by excessive frost forming within the unit. When the unit is experiencing excessive frost the system will stop dehumidfying and the fan will run until normal operating conditions are present.

Fan Operation
Turning the fan switch “FAN ON” will cause the unit’s internal blower to run continuously, whether the unit is dehumidifying or not. This function is desirable if the unit is used for air circulation or filtration. Turning the fan switch to “FAN AUTO” will cause the unit’s internal blower to run only while the unit is dehumidifying.

MaintenanceNOTE: Do not operate the unit without the proper filters. The heat exchange coils inside the unit could become clogged, resulting in a loss of effectiveness and/or efficiency and may require disassembly to clean.Air Filters

The Santa Fe Compact70 is equipped with a standard MERV-13 65% 1" pleated Ultra98 & Ultra120  fabric filter and a 1/4" aluminum framed pre-filter. Operating the unit with a dirty or obstructed filter will reduce dehumidifier capacity and efficiency, and may cause the compressor to cycle on and off unnecessarily.

Cleaning Pre-filter
Check filter every six months. Clean and/or replace when filters are visibly dirty. Replacement filters can be ordered from your dealer. The 1/4" washable pre-filter should not to be discarded. Inspect for debris, dirt, or other obstructions. Wash the 1/4" pre-filter every time the 1" pleated fabric filter is replaced. To clean the 1/4" pre-filter, remove filter from the unit, rinse the 1/4" pre-filter in water with the water flowing through the aluminum support mesh side. Allow the filter to dry completely before reinstalling. Reinstall per section 7.5.Pleated filter
Replace filter every six months per section 7.4-7.5. To order filters contact your dealer.

NOTE: Failure to follow filter handling instructions may result in improper function of the dehumidifier and cause premature filter wear or unit damage.

Removing Filters
Remove the 1/4" pre-filter by gently pulling on the bottom of the filter frame.2. Remove the 1" pleated fabric filter by gently pulling on the bottom of the filter frame.

Installing Filters
Angle the top of the filter and gently slide 1" pleated filter into filter slot. Do not force. If resistance is felt, check alignment for obstructions or debris inside the filter housing. 2. Angle the top of the filter and gently slide 1/4" pre-filter in front of 1" pleated filter. Do not force. If resistance is felt, check alignment for obstructions or debris inside the filter housing.


Servicing the Santa Fe Compact70, with its high pressure refrigerant system and high voltage circuitry presents a health hazard which could result in death, serious bodily injury, and/or property damage. Only qualified service people should service this unit.

Technical Description
The Santa Fe Compact70 uses a refrigeration system similar to an air conditioner’s to remove heat and moisture from incoming air and add heat to the air that is discharged. Hot,high pressure refrigerant gas is routed from the compressor to the condenser coil. The refrigerant is cooled and condensed by giving up its heat to the air that is discharged from the dehumidifier. The refrigerant liquid then passes through capillary tubing which cause the refrigerant pressure and temperature to drop. It next enters the evaporator coil where it absorbs heat from the incoming air and evaporates. The evaporator operates in a flooded condition, which means that all the evaporator tubes contain liquid refrigerant during normal operation. A flooded evaporator should maintain constant pressure and temperature across the entire coil, from inlet to outlet. The mixture of gas and liquid refrigerant enter the accumulator after leaving the evaporator coil. The accumulator prevents any liquid refrigerant from reaching the compressor. The compressor evacuates the cool refrigerant gas from the accumulator and compresses it to a high pressure and temperature gas to repeat the process.


If the unit does not work properly, please check the following:
— Is the unit unplugged?
— Is power to outlet on? (check switch, if applicable)
— Is circuit breaker tripped?
— Is humidity control set? (turn to “ON”)
— Is air flow restricted? (check air filters and grill)
If none of the above, call dealer.

No dehumidification. Neither blower, nor compressor run with fan switch AUTO.

  1. Unit unplugged or no power to outlet, circuit breaker tripped.
  2. Humidity control set to “Humid” setting.
  3. Loose connection in internal wiring.
  4. Humidity control is defective.
  5. Defective compressor relay.

No dehumidification. Compressor does not run but blower runs with fan switch AUTO and humidity control turned to ON.

  1. Defrost thermostat open, ambient temperature too low.
  2. Loose connection in compressor circuit.
  3. Defective compressor overload.
  4. Defective compressor or compressor run capacitor.

Blower runs with fan switch AUTO but compressor cycles on & off.

  1. Low ambient temperature and/or humidity causing unit to cycle through defrost mode.
  2. Defrost thermostat defective.
  3. Defective compressor overload.
  4. Defective compressor.5. Dirty air filter(s) or air flow restriced.

Blower does not run with fan switch in either position. Compressor runs briefly but cycles on and off.

  1. Loose connection in blower circuit.
  2. Obstruction prevents impeller rotation.
  3. Defective blower.
  4. Defective blower switch.

Evaporator coil frosted continuously, low dehumidifying capacity.

  1. Dirty air filter or air flow restricted.
  2. Defrost thermostat defective.
  3. Low refrigerant charge.

If none of the above has fixed the issue, call your dealer.

Refrigerant Charging
If the refrigerant charge is lost due to service or a leak, a new charge must be accurately weighed in. If any of the old charge is left in the system, it must be recovered before weighing in the new charge. Refer to the unit nameplate for the correct charge weight and refrigerant type.

Compressor/Capacitor Replacement
This compressor is equipped with a two terminal external overload and a run capacitor, but no start capacitor or relay.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Install new Santa Fe Compact70 Dehumidifier

    By Thomas on 09/25/2020

    Remove all insulation from crawl,, added r10 rigid foam board to inside if foundation wall tha installed 12 mill poly at this point the crawlspace Relative humity was 85% when the outside relative humity was 85%. After install the Santa Fe 79 pint just 5 days later. Outside relative humity was 76% and the crawl space relative humity was down to 47%. Extremely pleased

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    9 of 10 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Quick Delivery and Quality Product

    By Russell on 09/04/2020

    Our Santa Fe Compact 70 Dehumidifier arrived very quickly and is a solid workhouse in the crawl space. Communication from was also good, with regular updates on status of a hanging kit that was on backorder. After evaluating our crawl space, I realized hanging the dehumidifier was not really an option, and seller was very easy to work with to cancel that piece. Would definitely return here for other items in the future.

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    5 of 5 people found this review helpful

  • 2 of 5 Stars

    not the best

    By Dennis on 08/02/2022

    Bought 6 Years ago worked great for 3 years than quit working frozen over called company they fixed for free another 3 years and it quit again expensive to only work for 3 years at a time

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Would the Santa Fe Compact 2 require regular service?

We have regular service performed on the HVAC unit in our home. Is there regular service required on Sante Fe dehumidifiers as well? If so, would I be able to use the same type of company that services our HVAC?


Yes, for best performance, you should have your Santa Fe Compact 2 serviced just as you would your HVAC unit.  The same type of company that services your HVAC unit most likely would be able to service the dehumidifier for you as well. 

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Is short cycling of the Santa Fe Compact 2 a problem?

I installed the Santa Fe Compact 2 in our crawlspace about 9 months ago according to directions. This unit meets the square footage requirements of our crawlspace and the space in encapsulated. The unit is cycling frequently. On for a minute or two and off for a few minutes. Is this normal? Thank you.

John - We do not show any record of the purchase of this unit and reached out to the manufacturer for advice and they would like for you to contact them directly at 1-800-533-7533 they will need the serial number on the dehumidifier from you.

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What are the measurements and weight of the Santa Fe Compact70 Dehumidifier? What is the warranty on the Dehumidifier as well?

The Santa Fe Compact70 Dehumidifier measures 12 in. W x 12 in. H x 21 in. L and weighs 55 pounds. The manufactuer offers the following regarding warranty: 

6 Year Limited Warranty of 2 Years Full Warranty Parts and Labor & 3 to 6 Years Component Warranty - including (Compressor, Evaporator Coil, and Condenser Coil)

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Santa Fe Compact70 Dehumidifier 4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4 (3 Reviews / 3 Q&A)

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