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Please be sure to read the product label of any insecticide you choose to use to get information on the personal protective safety gear you will need. In most situations, it is recommended that you wear long pants, a long sleeved shirt, closed toe shoes with socks, chemical resistant gloves, and goggles. In areas where ventilation is poor, a manufacturer may recommend you wear a mask or a respirator. We have put together two different safety kits that will make selecting the correct safety gear easier for you.

Scorpion Prevention Guide

How to Keep Scorpions Away from Your Home and Yard

By DoMyOwn staff
Image of a scorpion with tail raised

Prone to scorpions? Scorpions will only come into your yard or home if they can find prey, like spiders and crickets. The best way to get rid of scorpions is to prevent their prey (food source) from living in your home, yard, or building.

Read our guide on scorpion control below.

Maintain Your Yard

Practicing general pest prevention is always a good idea, even more so if you are prone to scorpion, spider, and cricket infestations. Simple yard maintenance will make your property less attractive to scorpions and their prey, decreasing your chance of being stung.

When performing lawn maintenance and pest prevention, be sure to wear long sleeves, long pants, and thick gloves just in case you meet a scorpion.

Outdoor Lawn Maintenance Tips:

  • Eliminate wood piles
  • Move mulch and pine straw at least 6 inches away from the foundation of the home
  • Apply weather stripping to doors and windows
  • Place small pieces of screen in weep holes to prevent scorpions from entering the home

Watch the video below for more general pest prevention tips.

Inspect Clothing Before Wearing

If you live in an area that is prone to scorpions and have seen scorpions on or around your property before, practice the following steps to prevent a scorpion sting:

  • Shake out clothing before you put it on. This is especially important for clothing that has been on the floor or in piles.
  • Inspect the insides of shoes before wearing.
  • Inspect the insides of gloves before wearing.

We hope you have found this guide to scorpions helpful. If you are not sure if you have seen a scorpion, read our guide on what scorpions look like. Where scorpions hide will help you find a scorpion infestation in your home and how to get rid of scorpions will teach you how you can do your own scorpion treatment.

If you have any questions about the products used in this guide, give our customer service team a call at 866-581-7378 or email

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