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Scorpions Identification Guide

What Do Scorpions Look Like?

By DoMyOwn staff
Image of a scorpion on sand

Scorpions are pests that, while not as common as ants and cockroaches, can be found in homes and yards across the United States. Scorpions will not cause damage to your belongings, but their stings can be bothersome.

Knowing what type of scorpions live in your region is important in the event of a scorpion sting. Medically significant scorpion stings are rare, but do exist.

If you have a pest you suspect is a scorpion, use our guide below to make a positive identification.

Graphics comparing the sizes of the largest and smallest scorpions in the world

Scorpions range from 0.3 inches to 9 inches long, depending on their age.

Diagram of scorpion anatomy

Scorpions have 8 legs and 2 pincers, or chelae. They have curled tails that end with a stinger and multiple eyes on their head. Scorpions have a thick head and abdomen.

Image montage of various colors of scorpions

Scorpions range in color. Most scorpions are yellow or black to provide camouflage, allowing them to blend in with their surroundings. Scorpions can also be red or brown.

Map showing the range of scorpions in the United States

Scorpions are most prevalent in the American Southwest but can be found across the United States in all climates.

Suspect you have scorpions? Learn where scorpions hide in your home and how to get rid of scorpions by reading the rest of our guide. Click the right arrow below to read more.

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