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Product Overview

Quali-Pro Sedgemaster is an herbicide for selective pre-emergent and post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds and nutsedge in turf grasses and other non-crop sites such as golf courses, airports, cemeteries, school grounds, and more. Sedgemaster quickly acts on targeted weeds by stunting the growth, which allows the crop to overtake the development of the targeted weeds. Once the development is stunted, the leaves and growing point begin to discolor and die. Depending on the size, species, and growing condition, complete weed control is usually achieved between 7-14 days. In post-emergent weed applications, earlier treatment is best to control the weeds competing with the crop. Sedgemaster is a water dispersible granule that is diluted with water (rates are listed on the label) and applied by a spray tank. A uniform, thorough, spray coverage is vital in achieving the desired weed control. Sedgemaster is easily tank mixed with other pesticide products that are registered for the same crop and application techniques, refer to the product label for a complete list of compatible tank mix partners.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Halosulfuron-methyl - 75%
Target pests Yellow & Purple Nutsedge, Cocklebur, Horsetail, Pigweed, Ragweed, Sunflower, Velvetleaf
For use in Commercial & Residential: Lawns, Ornamental Turf-grass, Landscaped Areas, Non-crop Areas, Airports, Cemeteries, Golf Courses, Landscaping, Public Recreation, Roadsides, School Grounds, Sod Farms, Sports Fields, Fairgrounds, Race Tracks, Tennis Courts, Campground and Right-of-Ways
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Formulation Professional Product
Group 2 Herbicide
Time to Kill 7-14 days
Shipping Weight 0.21 lbs
Manufacturer Quali-Pro (Mfg. Number: 83014008)
UPC 072693140813
EPA Registration 91234-31-53883


Product Information

SedgeMaster is a sulfonylurea herbicide that works by inhibition of acetolactate synthase (ALS). Many factors such as application rate, weed species, weed pressure, conditions of weeds including size and climatic factors impact the degree of weed control. Applications made to actively growing weeds at the early stages of development as described below will optimize performance. In post-emergent weed applications, early treatment is best to control the weeds vying (competing) with the crop.

SedgeMaster is quick to act on targeted weeds by stunting growth allowing the crop to overtake the development of the targeted weeds. Once the development of the targeted weeds is stunted, the leaves and growing point begin to discolor and die. Complete control typically occurs within 7 to 14 days depending on the weed size, species and growing conditions. Depending on the stage and development of the targeted weeds, control generally takes place in 7 to 14 days.

Resistant Management Guidance

SedgeMaster is a Group 2 herbicide. Any weed population may contain or develop plants naturally resistant to SedgeMaster and other Group 2 herbicides. Weed species with acquired resistance to Group 2 may eventually dominate the weed population if Group 2 herbicides are used repeatedly in the same field or in successive years as primary method of control for target species. This may result in partial or total loss of control of those species by SedgeMaster or other Group 2 herbicides.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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Nutsedge weed: How does Sedgemaster one differ from SedgeHammer?

Variety/manufacture differ in price. I need guarantee that it will kill nut grass in my garden.


Sedgemaster and SedgeHammer Herbicide are the same exact product. Sedgemaster is the generic form. Both have the exact same application rates and are equally effective. 

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